Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Photos


As I promised before..

My son in action. He is definitely not camera-shy. Once he sees my Camera/Mobile, he gets so excited that he always give a big smile. Oh yeah! He loves it. And I have fun taking it. He always make me smile and laugh. He's talkative (baby language), hyper-active, loud and adorable. If you see him, you wanna squeeze him tightly, and pinch his cheeks and thighs. He's so squishy. He's fave stuffed toy is a giraffe, a gift from Tayat. Yep, he likes to bite it.

The haircut drama.

Our night out at the Taman Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien. Took lots of photos with the "Kereta Berhias". I taught my maid how to take pictures. Who else would you ask to take pictures of you and the whole family? She's all I've got. Didn't want to ask strangers to take them. Anyway the pictures that my maid took were not really good I might add. It was her first time, so who can blame her? At least Me, Abah and Dariwsy were in there together.

The date I've been waiting for has come. Night out later with the girls. We'll be cam-whoring (kath's slang) berabisan. Thanks to Hubby, for giving me the permission to go out tonight. You are the best husband. I'm thankful. I love you, Abang.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Fun night last night


My son just had his first haircut yesterday. I took pictures but don't have it right now. So I will upload it tomorrow Insya Allah. We went to the perayaan in Bandar last night. Took pictures with the "Kereta Berhias" that was on display that night at the Taman Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin. And again, no photos. Still in the memory card and not yet edited.

Back to the haircut story, Darwisy cried all the way and he cried loudly. It was his first time. By the time we got there, there were already two customers so we had to wait. Darwisy sat with his Abah, played with Abah, not knowing what was gonna happened. He laughed and smiled. When he turn was up, Abah sat on the chair and hold Darwisy. The barber tied a cloth around the Darwisy's neck. He had not cried yet. But once the barber touched his hair with the comb, that's when it happened. He started crying. And the barber was having a hard time to cut his hair. Abah had to hold him tight so he could sit still but it was not that easy. Even I had to hold his shoulder and head. At the same time, I couldn't stop praying that the barber wouldn't hurt my Darwisy by accident. I was afraid that the barber might accidentally cut his ear or something. Thanks to Allah, with all the difficulty, Darwisy managed to get a nice-almost-perfect haircut. He looked more cute than ever. After that, we had to lure him with something to make him stop from crying again and again. Abah washed Darwisy's face and body as it was filled with hair.

Then. we're off to Lambak at Abah's parents' house. Stayed there till late afternoon then we're off to Bandar to watch the festival lights and "Kereta Berhias". Then we're off to the Mall, just cruising around and also bought some Dvds. Then headed home. It was raining heavily last night. So we had to cut our night out short.

Okay I will upload photos tomorrow Insya Allah.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

More photos


Its been raining since last night and its getting really cold. Enjoying my free time browsing through the interesting webs. Want to upload photos, still searching for the i-memory pendrive while playing Trivia on FRIENDS again. Never get bored of it. Well, me and my friends will meet at a gathering on the 29th. Just to hang out, eating out. It's been awhile. Everyone has their own agenda. So it's difficult to keep in touch with them. Life's been hectic and full with tight schedules. The fasting month if just around the corner. And I've been looking forward for the Hari Raya Celebration. First raya Celebration for my son.

Darwisy in actions

Night out at the Perayaan with Babah, Mami and Darwisy. We got to see the fireworks. I was surprised to see Darwisy didn't cry while watching the fireworks which I assumed that he might. Maybe he was really tired and was about to doze off. That night was quite hot that Darwisy felt a little uneasy sitting on the stroller. So I had to fan him. And I'm still craving for those Longans.

A little gathering that I set up. Just to meet the girls, hanging out and eating out. Not all of us were there. Amal and Kath couldn't join us. So we're lacked of two out of ten `Gadis Ayu. A named we self-declared ourselves. Yes, we're all are a bunch of Gadis Ayu. We may not pretty and beautiful like a model but we have the ayu-ness.

Can't wait for the coming 29th. Here we come. It'll be a loud night for us. We're loud and live. Hahahahah Okay I'll blog again some other time.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fun Photos


What we did this afternoon? Yeah, browsing through this interesting website to edit photo that my friend found. So here there are..

my precious DARWISY

The Babes 'Gadis Ayu

Just want to release my anger through this post. I'm pissed at the moment. Pissed at those who are so irresponsible in doing their job and did nothing about it to prevent it from happening. I went to my class 10 minutes before 9 am, I was shocked to find all the messed that pupils from Afternoon session had made. I found all my teaching aids which I put properly in a small plastic bag, and into a shoe box and inside the cupboard were being disturbed. All pictures, flashcards were found scattered everywhere on the floor and inside the cupboard. They even played with my "matching colours with the words" teaching aids. They took all the coloured paper that I cut, laminated nicely and they played it as if it was a toy for them. And what made me more furious was that the Ugama Teacher had done nothing about it at all. And by letting it lying on the floor like that, made me ask myself lots of questions. What were they doing? Why didn't they try to stop these pupils? Didn't they know how much hard work I've put up just to make the classroom colourful with all the colourful teaching aids I've made? Didn't they appreciate what I've done? If they wanted to make a mess by throwing rubbish, I don't mind, I can still sweep it away. But to play with all my teaching aids, that is way too much!!! I took some pictures as a prove that I'm going to show to my headmaster and hope that he'll do something about it. Like talking with the headmistress in the Afternoon session. I tell you, I was really angry that I fell like I wanted to confront the teacher who uses my classroom on that moment. Wanted to ask the teacher lots of questions. Urgh!!!! I'm officially pissed!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Decided to drop off a post while playing Trivia on FRIENDS. Gosh! started playing since yesterday and couldn't stop till now. I was too addicted. I love watching FRIENDS, one of my fave Tv series and I know the story very well, know every line, know every details, so I'm testing my knowledge to see if I'm that good. So far, I made at least 30 mistakes out of 630 questions. It was fun. Next I will try playing Trivia on Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty. I remembered about 10 years ago, I didn't know a thing about this FRIENDS series, well I was a down-to-earth kinda girl and a very low profile so my social life was down to zero. Until I went to MD, met new people, got socialized and a friend was talking about this tv series that I had no idea what the heck was she talking about. She always make this quotes she took on FRIENDS, so I decided to explore this tv series that she talked about. I first bought FRIENDS from Season 1 and couldn't stop watching them ever since. I got addicted. I got excited that I decided to pool in all my allowance just to buy the VCD. And 10 years after that, I have all the seasons from 1 to 10, original DVDs. My friend was right, it was the best tv series I've ever watched. Since then, I never stop buying all the new tv series until now. Call me addictive, yes I am.

Girls night out coming! Can't wait. We're gonna menganyam ketupatz berabis. Craving for pastas and pizzas. I know it's gonna be a girls night out but they can also bring their half if they want to. No harm done. Some of my girls afraid driving at night, might as well have company right.

OMG! The connection in this school really sucks. Oh man! E-snail lah!!!!! Have to stop now. I'll blog again next time.

Saturday, July 19, 2008



Last night, me, hubby and baby went to Pasar Ria at Bandar. Went as early as we could to avoid the traffic. I heard that there would be fireworks at Taman Jubli started at 8.30pm. Decided not to go there. We took a stroll along Jalan Bandar, watched the beautiful lights and view, took photos and bought some food. The Longans are so mouth-watering. Kan membali awal tapi takut abis tia melakat sana sini and paksa tah lagi mencari paip so paksa tah tahan liur ah. Ingin hati kan membali on the way balik, unfortunately I forgot. And ofcourse we were so busy watching the fireworks which could be seen from Bandar itself. After 15 minutes, hubby came with the car. Ia kesian kan kami bah jauh2 bejalan balik ke kereta so ia sendiri lah ambil kami dapan kadai runcit. While waiting for him, me and my son watched the fireworks together. I know he had no idea what the heck was going on but it was fun. And the cute part was he fell asleep while watching the fireworks. I guess it was such a long night for him. Poor baby. It's Saturday and the weekend is coming. Yeah, still haven't decide whether we want to go balik kampung or not. It really depends on my hubby's schedule. His schedule is very hectic.

I better go now. Have class. Will blog again later..


Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Yesterday was HM's 62nd birthday. Tomorrow, there will be a grand celebration at Tutong Town. People who live in Tutong will gather around to meet and greet HM. It will be a once in lifetime opportunity, oh well once in a year opportunity.

Me, still haven't decide whether I want to go or not. Well, let's decide tomorrow. I haven't been to this celebration for the past two years. Who knows if I might change my mind. Oh well, let see.

"Perayaan" in on now in Bandar. Still looking forward to it. And still thinking about hubby's tight schedule. Have to wait when he has a free time then we'll go. Looking forward to bring my son to his first "Royal Birthday Celebration." It's gonna be fun. Taking photos, take a walk around bandar, watch people hanging out at the garden.

*dreaming away*

Growing teeth is in process. Two of his front/lower teeth has come out and one from his front/upper teeth. He looks so cute. It's difficult to take his photo as he always jump right in front of the camera when he sees it. Seems like the camera always attracts his attention. He wants to touch it, explore it, bite it, turn in upside down, wondering and thinking what it is. Every time he sees the light or the flashlight, he smiles and laughs. That is the reason why he always shuts his eyes. And he knows how to make his "muka jahat." I did upload a photo of him doing the face.

Oh shoot! I've got class. So I'll update again time to time. Salam and happy reading to all my silent readers. If there's any..

Friday, July 11, 2008


I feel like blogging today. Here I am, my parents' home. Arrived last night. Decided to stay. At the moment, enjoying my TV time which is looking at my bro's playing game at the moment. My hubby's upstairs, sleeping. Tired because of his hectic work schedule. My baby, he is actively moving around the house and tries to grab anything he can, exploring his curiosity and imagination, and of course exploring his sense of taste by putting anything into his mouth. He is the center of attention in this family. Since he is the only grandson. He also has other two cousins, both are girls.

My brother just offered me an ice cream.. so I'm taking a break for awhile..

I'm back. My son is having his afternoon meal. My maid is having a tough time just to feed him as he always moves around. Feel kinda sleepy. Didn't get enough sleeping last night. Baby was having trouble sleeping. Cried and cried. Tried to feed, but he didn't want to.

Yesterday, our school held a mini marathon, which used to be called as Rentas Desa. As usual we wanted to collect all the best runners. But in this event, to make it more fun, we also invited all the lower primary to participate. The day was very hot. So I had to hide under the umbrella since I was in charge of Pancang 2 and 10 together with R. I'll upload photos when I have them.

Just browsing through the blogs. Updating. Be right back.

What's gonna happen tomorrow? Hmm can't think much. HRH's birthday is coming. Grand celebration will be held on Tuesday. Which means HOLIDAY for me. There will be lots of entertainment for the whole month. Lots of food stalls means lots of different types of food. I just used lots of "S". That ain't right? Heheh well forgive for my bad grammar. Still trying to learn and improve.

Well, I'm uploading pictures of my adorable son... Oh crap! Don't have the file in my laptop. So no photos today. Ok, I think I have to go now.. Take care peeps.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Suatu ketika, Muaz b. Jabal r.a mengadap Rasulullah SAW dan bertanya: "Wahai Rasulullah, tolong huraikan kepadaku mengenai firman Allah SWT: "Pada sangkakala ditiup,maka kamu sekalian datang berbaris-baris" Surah An-Naba':18

Mendengar pertanyaan itu, baginda menangis dan basah pakaian dengan air mata. Lalu menjawab: "Wahai Muaz, engkau telah bertanyakan kepada aku, perkara yang amat besar, bahawa umatku akan diiring, dikumpulkan berbaris-baris menjadi 12 barisan, masing-masing dengan pembawaan mereka sendiri...." Maka dinyatakan apakah 12 barisan tersebut :-

Barisan Pertama

Di iring dari kubur dengan tidak bertangan dan berkaki. Keadaan mereka ini dijelaskan melalui satu seruan dari sisi Allah Yang Maha Pengasih: "Mereka itu adalah orang-orang yang sewaktu hidupnya menyakiti hati jirannya, maka demikianlah balasannya dan tempat embali mereka adalah neraka..."

Barisan Kedua

Diiring dari kubur berbentuk babi hutan. Datanglah suara dari sisi Allah Yang Maha Pengasih: "Mereka itu adalah orang yang sewaktu hidupnya meringan-ringankan solat, maka inilah balasannya dan tempat kembali mereka adalah neraka..."

Barisan Ketiga

Mereka berbentuk keldai, sedangkan perut mereka penuh dengan ular dan kala jengking. "Mereka itu adalah orang yang enggan membayar zakat, maka inilah balasannya dan tempat kembali mereka adalah neraka..."

Barisan Keempat

Diiring dari kubur dengan keadaan darah seperti air pancutan keluar dari mulut mereka. "Mereka itu adalah orang yang berdusta di dalam jualbeli, maka inilah balasannya dan tempat mereka adalah neraka..."

Barisan Kelima

Diiring dari kubur dengan bau busuk daripada bangkai. Ketika itu Allah SWT menurunkan angin sehingga bau busuk itu mengganggu ketenteraman di Padang Mahsyar. "Mereka itu adalah orang yang menyembunyikan perlakuan derhaka takut diketahui oleh manusia tetapi tidak pula rasa takut kepada Allah SWT, maka inilah balasannya dan tempat kembali mereka adalah neraka..."

Barisan Keenam

Diiring dari kubur dengan keadaan kepala mereka terputus dari badan. "Mereka adalah orang yang menjadi saksi palsu, maka inilah balasannya dan tempat kembali mereka adalah neraka..."

Barisan Ketujuh

Diiring dari kubur tanpa mempunyai lidah tetapi dari mulut mereka mengalir keluar nanah dan darah. "Mereka itu adalah orang yang enggan memberi kesaksian di atas kebenaran, maka inilah balasannya dan tempat kembali mereka adalah neraka..."

Barisan Kelapan

Diiring dari kubur dalam keadaan terbalik dengan kepala ke bawah dan kaki ke atas. "Mereka adalah orang yang berbuat zina, maka inilah balasannya dan tempat kembali mereka adalah neraka..."

Barisan Kesembilan

Diiring dari kubur dengan berwajah hitam gelap dan bermata biru sementara dalam diri mereka penuh dengan api gemuruh. "Mereka itu adalah orang yang makan harta anak yatim dengan cara yang tidak sebenarnya, maka inilah balasannya dan tempat kembali mereka adalah neraka..."

Barisan Kesepuluh

Diiring dari kubur mereka dalam keadaan tubuh mereka penuh dengan penyakit sopak dan kusta. "Mereka adalah orang yang derhaka kepada orang tuanya, maka inilah balasannya dan tempat kembali mereka adalah neraka..."

Barisan Kesebelas

Diiring dari kubur mereka dengan berkeadaan buta mata-kepala, gigi mereka memanjang seperti tanduk lembu jantan, bibir mereka melebar sampai ke dada dan lidah mereka terjulur memanjang sampai ke perut mereka dan keluar beraneka kotoran. "Mereka adalah orang yang minum arak, maka inilah balasannya dan tempat kembali mereka adalah neraka..."

Barisan Kedua Belas

Mereka diiring dari kubur dengan wajah yang bersinar-sinar laksana bulan purnama. Mereka melalui titian sirat seperti kilat. Maka,datanglah suara dari sisi Allah Yang Maha Pengasih memaklumkan: "Mereka adalah orang yang beramal salih dan banyak berbuat baik. Mereka menjauhi perbuatan derhaka, mereka memelihara solat lima waktu, ketika meninggal dunia keadaan mereka sudah bertaubat, maka inilah balasannya dan tempat kembali mereka adalah syurga, mendapat keampunan, kasih sayang dan keredhaan Allah Yang Maha Pengasih..." Jika engkau mahukan kemesraan dengan Allah, maka garanglah terhadap dirimu sendiri. Jika engkau merasakan manisnya berhubung dengan Allah, tahulah engkau betapa peritnya berpisah denganNya.....Wallahua'alam.


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

6 Wanita malang & 19 Keistimewaan Wanita ::..

6 Jenis Wanita Malang

'Jangan engkau kahwini wanita yang enam, jangan yang Ananah, yang Mananah, dan yang Hananah, dan jangan engkau kahwini yang Hadaqah, yang Baraqah dan yang Syadaqah.'

  1. Wanita Ananah: banyak mengeluh dan mengadu dan tiap saat memperalatkan sakit atau buat-buat sakit.
  1. Wanita Mananah: suka membangkit-bangkit terhadap suami. Wanita ini sering menyatakan, 'Aku membuat itu keranamu'.
  1. Wanita Hananah: menyatakan kasih sayangnya kepada suaminya yang lain, yang dikahwininya sebelum ini atau kepada anaknya dari suami yang lain.
  1. Wanita Hadaqah: melemparkan pandangan dan matanya pada tiap sesuatu, lalu menyatakan keinginannya untuk memiliki barang itu dan memaksa suaminya untuk membelinya.
  1. Wanita Baraqah: ada 2 makna, pertama yang sepanjang hari mengilatkan dan menghias mukanya, kedua dia marah ketika makan dan tidak mahu makan kecuali sendirian dan diasingkannya bahagianya.
  1. Wanita Syadaqah: banyak cakap tidak menentu lagi bising.
19 Keistimewaan Wanita

1. Doa wanita itu lebih makbul daripada lelaki kerana sifat penyayang yang lebih kuat daripada lelaki. Ketika ditanya kepada Rasulullah SAW akan hal tersebut, jawab baginda, ' Ibu lebih penyayang daripada bapa dan doa orang yang penyayang tidak akan sia-sia.'

2. Wanita yang solehah (baik) itu lebih baik daripada 1000 lelaki yang soleh.

3. Barangsiapa yang menggembirakan anak perempuannya darjatnya seumpama orang yang sentiasa menangis kerana takutkan Allah .Dan orang yang takutkan Allah SWT akan diharamkan api neraka ke atas tubuhnya.

4. Wanita yang tinggal bersama anak-anaknya akan tinggal bersama aku (Rasulullah SAW) di dalam syurga.

5. Barangsiapa membawa hadiah (barang makanan dari pasar ke rumah lalu diberikan kepada keluarganya) maka pahalanya seperti melakukan amalan bersedekah. Hendaklah mendahulukan anak perempuan daripada anak lelaki. Maka barangsiapa yang menyukakan anak perempuan seolah-olah dia memerdekakan anak Nabi Ismail.

6. Syurga itu di bawah telapak kaki ibu.

7. Barangsiapa mempunyai tiga anak perempuan atau tiga saudara perempuan atau dua anak perempuan atau dua saudara perempuan lalu dia bersikap ihsan dalam pergaulan dengan mereka dan mendidik mereka dengan penuh rasa takwa serta sikap bertanggungjawab, maka baginya adalah syurga.

8. Apabila memanggil akan dirimu dua orang ibu bapamu, maka jawablah panggilan ibumu terlebih dahulu.

9. Daripada Aisyah r.a.' Barangsiapa yang diuji dengan sesuatu daripada anak-anak perempuannya lalu dia berbuat baik kepada mereka, maka mereka akan menjadi penghalang baginya daripada api neraka.

10. Wanita yang taat berkhidmat kepada suaminya akan tertutuplah pintu-pintu neraka dan terbuka pintu-pintu syurga. Masuklah dari mana-mana pun pintu yang dia kehendaki dengan tidak dihisab.

11. Wanita yang taat pada suaminya, maka semua ikan-ikan di laut, burung di udara, malaikat di langit, matahari dan bulan semua beristighfar baginya selama mana dia taat kepada suaminya serta menjaga solat dan puasanya.

12. Aisyah r.a berkata, 'Aku bertanya kepada Rasulullah, siapakah yang lebih besar haknya terhadap wanita?' Jawab Rasulullah SAW 'Suaminya.' ' Siapa pula berhak terhadap lelaki?' Jawab Rasulullah SAW, 'Ibunya.'

13. Perempuan apabila sembahyang lima waktu, puasa di bulan Ramadhan, memelihara kehormatannya serta kepada suaminya, masuklah dia dari pintu syurga mana sahaja yang dikehendaki.

14. Tiap perempuan yang menolong suaminya dalam urusan agama, maka Allah SWT memasukkan dia ke dalam syurga terlebih dahulu daripada suaminya (10,000 tahun).

15. Apabila seseorang perempuan mengandung janin dalam rahimnya,maka beristighfarlah para malaikat untuknya. Allah SWT mencatatkan baginya setiap hari dengan 1,000 kebajikan dan menghapuskan darinya 1,000 kejahatan.

16. Apabila seseorang perempuan mulai sakit hendak bersalin, maka Allah SWT mencatatkan baginya pahala orang yang berjihad pada jalan Allah.

17. Apabila seseorang perempuan melahirkan anak, keluarlah dia dari dosa-dosa seperti keadaan ibunya melahirkannya.

18. Apabila telah lahir anak lalu disusui, maka bagi ibu itu setiap satu tegukan daripada susunya diberi satu kebajikan.

19. Apabila semalaman seorang ibu tidak tidur dan memelihara anaknya yang sakit, maka Allah SWT memberinya pahala seperti memerdekakan 70 orang hamba dengan ikhlas untuk membela agama Allah SWT.

Dicatat oleh Imam Al-Ghazalli.


Dlm sebuah hadis, ada menyebut perihal seekor syaitan yang duduk

di atas pintu rumah. Tugasnya ialah untuk menanam keraguan di hati

suami terhadap kesetiaan isteri di rumah dan keraguan di hati

isteri terhadap kejujuran suami di luar rumah. Sebab itulah Rasulullah

tidak akan masuk rumah sehingga Baginda mendengar jawaban salam

dari isterinya. Di saat itu syaitan akan lari bersama-sama dengan

salam itu.

Hikmat Ayat Al-Kursi mengikut Hadis-hadis:

1) Barang siapa membaca ayat Al-Kursi bila berbaring di tempat tidurnya,
Allah SWT mewakilkan dua orang Malaikat memeliharanya hingga subuh.

2) Barang siapa membaca ayat Al-Kursi di akhir setiap sembahyang Fardhu,
dia akan berada dalam lindungan Allah SWT hingga sembahyang yang lain.

3) Barang siapa membaca ayat Al-Kursi di akhir tiap sembahyang, dia
akan masuk syurga dan barang siapa membacanya ketika hendak tidur,
Allah SWT akan memelihara rumahnya dan rumah-rumah disekitarnya.

4) Barang siapa membaca ayat Al-Kursi di akhir tiap-tiap shalat fardhu,
Allah SWT menganugerahkan dia setiap hati orang yang bersyukur,
setiap perbuatan orang yang benar, pahala nabi2, serta Allah melimpahkan

rahmat padanya.

5) Barang siapa membaca ayat Al-Kursi sebelum keluar rumahnya, maka
Allah SWT mengutuskan 70,000 Malaikat kepadanya - mereka semua
memohon keampunan dan mendoakan baginya.

6) Barang siapa membaca ayat Al-Kursi di akhir sembahyang,

Allah SWT akan mengendalikan pengambilan rohnya dan dia adalah seperti
orang yang berperang bersama Nabi Allah sehingga mati syahid.

7) Barang siapa yang membaca ayat Al-Kursi ketika dalam kesempitan
niscaya Allah SWT berkenan memberi pertolongan kepadanya.

Dari Abdullah bin 'Amr r.a., Rasulullah S.A.W. bersabda,
'Sampaikanlah pesanku biarpun satu ayat...'

'Utamakan SELAMAT dan SEHAT untuk Dunia-mu, utamakan

SHOLAT dan ZAKAT untuk Akhirat-mu'

Subhanallah. ..