Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Al-Fatihah.. A moment of silent


I just want to say sorry to my dearest sister, Tayat. Tayat's grandmother passed away yesterday. Kepada sesiapa yang membaca, take a moment of silent.. sedekahkanlah Surah Al-fatihah, semoga roh arwah dicucuri rahmat, amin...

Innalillahiwa'inna illahiroji'un

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

School is off again for another week


Well here I am again. Just got back from work. Like 2 hours ago. I went to my old school right after school finished. We had a good day today at school. Apparently because there were no pupils. We prepared homework for the pupils. Parents will be coming to school tomorrow to take their children's homeworks. We laughed, we talked, we gossips, we hang out.. the best time ever. Bila tah kan dapat peluang untuk berjumpa ramai-ramai. Time mengajar, inda ada masa tu untuk semua ani.

So Im abit bored. Maybe because I've got nothing to do. I don't get to see my friends that often. They are too busy caught up with their work. Hehehe macam aku jua. Always busy. Ada saja kaja kan dibuat ah. Today aku dengar cerita yang paling aku inda mau dengar eventhough perasaan ingin tau atu kuat hehehehe my colleagues and gb tadi bercerita pasal apa yang berlaku masa kem motivasi like 2-3 years ago. Apparently the staffroom yang kami pakai masa ani dulunya jarang berpakai and jarang ada guru melepak disana. Kira kosong lah ah.. Yatah ada this one time sekolah mengadakan kem motivasi di sekolah. Dorang kira bermalam di sekolah lah tu.. The pupils bermalam didalam bilik staffroom while guru-guru ada yang stay di dalam bilik komputer and bilik guru besar.

Then ada this one night, guru-guru terkejut mendengar murid memanggil dorang. They said they saw somethine white flew across the staffroom. Staffroom atu dijadikan tempat bermalam, tempat bersembahyang dan tempat membaca yassin. Maybe because bilik atu lama dah inda berpenghuni, so ada "penghuni" lain yang tinggal sana. But after bilik atu dipakai untuk bersembahyang, maybe "penghuni" atu merasa tempatnya atu berkacau. Thats why it appeared infront of the pupils.

Then it happened again inside the computer lab. Most female teachers tidur disana. Then this one night this teacher terbangun and ternampak her colleague berdiri. So this teacher pun menegur guru atu.. "Oi bahapa ko berdiri kan?" no replied. So the next morning she asked that teacher bahapa ia berdiri dimalam. Then she said ia inda pun ada berdiri di malam. She wasn't even in that room. OoooOo spooky eh.

GB pernah ternampak "lembaga putih" berdiri di luar biliknya. That thing was tall and white. Standing right outside her room. She was downstairs at that time and she heard noises. When she looked up, thats when she saw it. Ani berlaku waktu siang not malam. Gila apa!!!! Thank god aku inda experienced this situation bila aku start kaja di sana. Because aku pernah jua stay alone in the afternoon in the staffroom, doing my work. Luckily nothing scary happened and hopefully it will never happen. Im actually a brave person but would never want in my entire life to experience this type of encounter.

Fuh!!!! from now on I would never want to stay alone in the afternoon ever again. Well maybe sometimes I might hehehe sekali-sekala bah.. Im not that scared.

So its almost 5pm.. Well in half an hour. My baby will be home. So I'll blog again some other time ok. Au revoir