Saturday, February 25, 2006

Happy 8th "Month"-versary


Happy 8th "month"versary

First of all I would like to say Happy Belated Birthday To Sis Mira yg Ke 20 Tahun. Sorry lupa bagi message last time.

Yesterday was my "month'versary. Yang ke 8 ta... bulan... hehehe At first we didnt plan anything on how to celebrate it. Because we were so busy with our work and stuffs. So in the morning we went breakfast at Lambak. I bought newspaper and looked at movies schedule for that day. I dont technically read the paper hehehe so wasted like 80cents. Anyway I saw Final Destination 3 show at Empire Cinema. So I told hubby that we should just watched movie. He agreed. We went to see that movie at 5.50pm. Sunyi lerr. There were like 10 people watching that movie with us that evening. And it was extremely cold inside the cinema. Maybe because inda ramai. So $7 per ticket was so worth it. I just love that movie. So full of suspense, shocking, terrifying, blood, made you jumpy, and couldnt sit properly. Although jalan ceritanya dapat tani predict since i've watched the first 2. Tapi inda jua ku sanang duduk. Gundah gulana. it was terrifying, eerie, berigali hahahah tapi siuk eh. Inda ku mau main rollercoster ehh hahahah

So after that, we went jalan-jalan inside the empire hotel. We passed by the Atrium restaurant. So I was wondering why not we went to dinner saja. Since we were at the Empire Hotel, so I decided to go to Pantai Restaurant. It was our first time to have dinner at Pantai Restaurant. So we were abit clueless apakan dibuat hahaha aku apa lagi tarus buat observation kweng kweng kweng. But we ended up having a really good time. Selalunya kami ke Atrium saja. So that night we were having a seafood bbq buffet. That evening was so romantic. Having dinner outside nearby the pool and pantai. It was perfect. It was a memorable moment. Just the two of us. You guys should try. Siuk berabis. The environment was breezy and relaxing. you can hear the sound of waves. Our 8 "month"versary having dinner at Pantai Restaurant. Hmmmm *sigh* Angan2 sekajap hehehehe

So the evening went so perfect. Melihat keindahan Empire Hotel, teringin rasanya kan honeymoon di sana. Spend more money pun its ok lah. So ada jua merancang kan menginap disana nanti perhaps in december. Yes!!!!


At school seperti biasa. Banyak marah-marah. Bertingal bah dorang ani. Cakap melayu sudah pun masih inda faham-faham. Di sebut sudah wah ayat atu sebiji-sebiji pun masih jua clueless. *SIGH* fening lah. Berry tiring. Nasib jua GB nda ada ari ani. Kurang jua rasa stress and burdens atu.

So went home. Menatap komputer as usual. Later go swimming with tayat at 3.45pm. Lama dah inda swimming. Ada jua like 2 weeks sudah. Rindu ku kan swim. Yes Yes Yes!!!
So I want to take some rest now. Headache. Probably because last night ate alot of prawns and crabs. Nyaman bah!!!!! Sekali bangun tadi pagi felt a lil bit dizzy. Kolestrol naik hahahahha

Bah darling. Till next time. *Smooch* *Huggsy*. Lubb ya.. muwahzzzzz

My sweetheart, I love you from the bottom of my heart. *kiss*