Friday, June 23, 2006


hahah my sister has been longing to read my post which is really out-dated dah.. bukannya nda mau update.. too lazy bah.. Anyhow here I am.. still alive and kicking.. On Wednesday last week I went out with my friends Tayat and Muj. We went to the mall to watch “Over The Hedge” ahha I know it has been on show in the Cineplex for quite awhile and we just watched it ehehe busy wah so we didn’t have much time to see each other a lot. That movie was funny.. It was ok I guess. We also bumped into Ommy. She was there waiting for her cousins to show up. She had this plan to watch a movie “Cars” with her cousins. What a coincidence.

This week last Tuesday I went out again but this time a few people that I barely see for quite some time joined us. Jane, Ommy, Asma [ommy’s cuz], adib [ tayat’s bro], tayat and ofcourse me. We went to watch a movie which technically haven’t been decide yet by any of us. So apparently we just picked what movies were on show that day. we came around 1pm. just in time for lunch. Tayat suggested that we watched movie at 2pm IF there was some movies on show at that time. Unfortunately there was none. Most of the movies that played at that time sudah kami liat. except for this new Thai Horror movie “Dorm” which would be on at 4pm!!! yeah we got plenty of time to waste. So first we had lunch then went window shopping. That movie was not that scary. There were hardly suspense going on except from the beginning. Then it was ok. Although it said it was a horror movie but some of the characters were very funny especially those male students. We did end up having a great time.

The next day my hubby bought a movie ticket for us. He brought me to watch “Scary Movie 4”. It was stupidly hilarious and very funny. I don’t think this kind of movie should be watch by under-age people. Very unsuitable for youngsters. Thanks honey sebab bawa me liat wayang.


Me and my girls went barbeque-ing at Hutan Berakas. yeah!! Its been a while. I missed barbeque-ing. I missed my hanging with my girls. It felt like the good old days. I had fun. Never realized how much I missed a lot. Amal, Ommy, Asma, Tayat, Zahrah, Izime [amal’s darling], sister zahrah [ apparently I don’t remember her name, sorry ], some of zahrah’s friends, me and my hubby. Tukang memanggang ofcourse the guys lee. Girls tau duduk saja bercerita, bergosip, ketawa. Wah siuk lah… Amal brought marinate chicken. Tayat brought Crap in blanket. Ommy brought mee. Zahrah brought sandwich. And I brought Sausage. oh man! it was damn hot today eventhough the rain was pouring heavily last night till this early morning. Thanks for the wonderful day girls. We should do it again next next school holiday. Hopefully the others who couldn’t make it today might be able to join us.

Anyway it’s almost my 1 year wedding anniversary. Just have to wait till midnight. I can’t believe it has been a year since we got married. It was a wonderful and memorable wedding ceremony that I cannot forget for the rest of my / our life. For this anniversary, my hubby bought me a special gift. Wanna know what’s the gift? hehehe I couldn’t believe it either. Baby, thank you very much. I really appreciate it. I love you so much. Wondering?? I will upload the pic tomorrow.

So canakan celebrate wedding anniversary? ehehe it must be celebrated only for the couples [me and hubby] alone. Since it is our first aniversary. No interruption!! hahaha in ten years time baru tah celebrate besar-besaran!!! Anyway I pray to Allah semoga perkahwinan kami diberi restu, semoga kami akan lebih bahagia, dapat menempuh segala cubaan dan dugaan, dapat menempuh hidup yang suka dan duka bersama, dikurniakan babies *giggles*, overall semoga kami berdua hidup bahagia sehingga ke akhir hayat. Amin... kamu cakap "amin" jua ehehhe I love you so much baby.

My bro, Aiman is coming back to Brunei next week. Yeah!!! two of my other siblings, my sis and my other bro will be coming back sometime in July. Btw Neez, I bumped into Lisa the other day at Yayasan. She was with her hubby-to-be. Preparing for her wedding in September. She looked abit tired eheheh dunnolah. If im not mistaken, she did say that she was not entirely up to make all this wedding preparation herself. She wants someone else to do it for her you know like a wedding planner or something eheheh poor her. But I suggested that she must do this on her own for her wonderful experience. *sigh* can't believe she'll be getting married. Congrats Libby, you lil froggy eyes!!!! eheheh

Anyway, Im gonna take off now. Kan meliat World Cup!!! Oh yeah school holiday will end soon. *yawn* big *sigh* can't believe it will be over soon uwaaaa dun wan dun wann.. i want more holidays hahahahah that won't happen!!! okay au revoir..

Friday, June 09, 2006



Hai I went out shopping with my husband. My first intention was to buy A4 paper. But it turned out that I bought this one as well. At first we went to Hua Ho Manggis. Just for awhile. After I found what I was looking for then we're off to Serusop. I was just want to window shopping and browsed through all things. Then I went to TA Morgan. And this was what I want. I was looking forward for it. And now I got it. Pretty cool huh.. I loved it! It had 30 set of Teacher Stamps. It was abit expensive like $37.90 but it was worth it. At least it motivates me a little to teach upper primary after the school holiday. Anyway, tomorrow is our last day of school. Then two weeks of vacation.. Just lying on the bed. Watch Tv. Watch Video. Online. Sleep late at night hahahha its like freedom. Although it will only be for two weeks.

We'll be having a cleaning campaign tomorrow. No teaching and learning. Pupils are allowed to have their own little party in their classroom. Yeehee.. Go Germany!!!! hahahah Outz lerr.. Anyway what else did you see in the picture? eheheh there is my linksys and my e-speed.. These two things have been my very bestfriend for the past 7 months now. It allows me to go online 24/7.. With the linksys I can use my laptop and just sit on the bed if Im too lazy and too tired to sit on the chair. Actually I wanted to upload some picz of my desk in the staffroom and pictures from our badminton activity in the afternoon. Kath was in there.. I wasn't because no one took any.. Maybe they were not a fan of taking someone else's pic hehehe whatever.. But its okay.. il upload it later or maybe tomorrow Insyallah..

Sis Ammey.. Yeahh I do love to watch Supernatural as well. Sammy was really cute and Dean was hot although he was abit sarcastic and selfish and obsess with these paranormals and saving innocence. I didn't watch it from Star World. I bought the Dvds. Because I missed watching it from the beginning. Right now Im up till episode 12. But the not good thing was the first season only had like 15 episodes. So its gonna take a few months or maybe year to wait for the second season to be aired *boo-hoo* ehehhe

So anyway Im gonna take off now. Ill blog again later with some new or almost new stories. Take care peeps. Au revoir.. Go Germany!!!! Ole~ Ole~ Wuhuuu....

Thursday, June 08, 2006



Its been awhile. Lots to say. Don't know where to start first. Anyway the mid-year exam had finally ended like a week ago. And ofcourse we had alot of work to be done such as exam analysis, post mortem, items and all. Believe me it was a lot. Although I have the sample or example form of sheet save in my pendrive that I could just delete and edit. But thats not enough. I had to review and overview all the exam papers to make a tally marksheet such as for Section A, question number 1, how many pupils got it right and how many got it wrong. We had to check on all the papers, every pages, every subjects. Now will anyone tell me how much workload was that? I couldn't even get my mind rest right after the exam although I was abit relieved that the burden of teaching was over (I meant for the mean time only, thinking about having my holiday sooner). I was extremely tired and exhausted. Everytime I got home, the only thing I did first was switch on the computer, sat down, opened my files and started typing. After 2 hours of doing so, then I remembered to take my shower. OMG! I have this pain of my shoulder, my back and body. Maybe because of sitting on the chair for too long.

Well thats not the end part yet. For a fresh start right after the 2nd term of school holiday, as the school reopens, I will be teaching primary 5. Yeap, thats right. Currently Im teaching primary 1. Suddenly I've been transferred to teach primary 5. I guess my headmistress wants me to take this opportuniy to experience new teaching methods. I've been teaching lower primary ever since I started working under the government. Even worse, when I was studying at UBD, and had been sent to experience teaching practice in a school, my luck was always been given to teach lower primary. So this is in fact my very first experience. Teaching in upper level, talk in english all the time, well since almost all the subjects require english language except Bahasa Melayu, Sivik, Sejarah and Ugama. Ill be teaching Mathematics, English, Geography and Science. OMG. Im gonna have to work extra hard and have to imporve my language skills especially in english. After all this years teaching lower level has been quite an experience. And Im already comfortable with the way I communicate with my pupils, ofcourse in Malay. Sometimes its just so hard to adapt new situations like this. Ya Allah, please help me. Well, I don't know if anyone notice that I've been practicing my english right now. I haven't type any malay words, yet! I think eheheh so far how? Okay? Mind the grammar error. Honestly Im not that good anyway.

Why i was being transferred to teach upper primary all of the sudden? Well I haven't mention it yet. So here goes. There was a new female teacher just transferred to my school from bandar. She was apparently qualified to teach upper primary since she had the qualifications if u know what I mean eehhehe anyway she's been teaching for over a month now. But thats not gonna keep her teaching upper primary any longer since she's pregnant for almost 12 weeks now and she's experiencing 1st trimester of pregnancy. You know the morning sickness. She couldn't stand it. Uneasy smells makes her throw up and she feels weak. She's always on sick-leave for a couple of days. Last week she had been sent to the hospital and had to stay for a few days. When she's better, she got back to work. But only for a couple of days and now she's on leave again for nine days because of this 1st trimester of pregnancy. So straight to the point ehehehe I rambled alot... our headmistress was really worried that this female teacher couldn't handle this situation and had to take a sick-leave until she could adapt it. Headmistress worried that to leave the primary 5 pupils without any relief teachers to substitute and to teach them. The fact that these primary 5 pupils are being abandoned without any learning process being held. So she chose me. She gave me this quote "Are you ready to take this challenge?" I was so confused. If I said "no" I don't want her to think that I don't have the guts to take the risk. And that Im easily give up an opportunity. So without having this thought through, I accepted it. Honestly I didn't regret it. Somehow this was what I wanted. I want to experience it. Now this was my chance. Although it was abit difficult to take over someone's class even so in the middle of the year.

Feels so good to let it out. So today we held a "Peraduan Lancar Membaca Bagi Darjah 1" It was ok. But tiring. Eventhough all the lower primary teachers had their own responsibilities, not everyone did their work. Such as incharge of handling the pupils and so on. A few of them just took this opportunity doing something else, leaving their pupils behind to be handle by us (those who had responsible and other things to do). So unfair.

Did I mention about my hubby's phone got stolen? Anyway yeah, that phone got stolen after 5 minutes my hubby left it outside after he washed his car. He forgot to bring it back up. He searched all over the place. Somehow he couldn't accept the fact that the phone got stolen by someone. I guess he felt bad because he was careless. I didn't blame him. It was an old phone. But he loved it. I pity him. We even tried to call his number but unfortunately the phone had been shut off by the person who stole it. I was abit angry. If only I knew who took it. My hubby had to use even older phone, Samsung. But only for two days. The next day after, I took him out for shopping. And I suggested him to buy a new phone. At first he didn't want to but I insisted. At last he bought Motorola V3.

My adorable baby niece, Nur Aleeya Ezzaty, Happy 2nd Birthday on the 7th of june 2006. Stay adorable, chubby, cute and babbling always.

Okay I guess that would be all. Hope you guys enjoy reading. Neez, finally I updated my blog. Haven't finish watching Charmed yet. New found obsession watching Supernatural eheheh. love ya sis.. To my hubby, its almost our one year wedding anniversary. Can't wait to celebrate it with you baby.. I love you so much *smooch*