Wednesday, December 20, 2006



Oh well alot happened the past few days. Let me start with a trip that my sister and my family are having and enjoying at the moment. Yes, they went and had fun at Amsterdam. Im so jealous ditahap max. I want to go there but I can't the fact that I'm stuck here in brunei. But thats ok. Maybe I'l get the chance to go there in the future.

I haven't been rajin to blog for a month now. Got nothing to write about. Life during the holiday is so boring. I've been spending my holiday the past 3 weeks at home. How depressing was that?? I miss going out. But *sigh* no one wants to invite. I feel miserable here. My bestfriends, Tayat and Moza aren't in brunei either. They flew to Thailand for a holiday vacation on monday and will be back this sunday. They gone for a week and enjoying themselves while Im still here. Mana tia kengkawan ku ani. Eventhough Im no longer single and available, but that doesn't mean that Im not available if you guys ask me out. Oh well! Not compaining or anything teeheehee.

Last monday my lil adorable, most latengest, bubbliest niece admitted to hospital ripas. Yesterday she had an eye operation on both of her eyes. Lapas abis operate, the doctor asked her mum to go in and try to wake aleeya up. Because if she didn't wake up after the operation, they wouldn't let aleeya out of the surgery room. She cried asking for her mum and asked her mum to wash her eyes. Unfortunately, alum dapat di cuci matanya. Her nose was bleeding and around her eyes as well. But it was already dried out. The eye operation had gone well and aleeya will be recover soon. When I arrived at the hospital right after aleeya just got out of the surgery room, went to ward 2, I saw her innocently sleeping. Feel so sayu just looking at her. She's just 2 years old. I will upload her pic later.

I came again at night with my hubby. She woke up. But her eyes were still close. Her mum said that she might be a lil bit afraid to open her eyes. Although matanya bertutup tapi mulutnya inda beranti bercakap. She's very talkative although her eyes are close. As soon as we arrived, I bet she heard my hubby's voice then tiba2 ja ia cakap, "uncle nata kah tu?" I was surprised that she remembered. Matanya tutup, she couldn't see who were there with her. Just by listening to voices she recognises them. Amazing this lil girl. Then I came close to her and whispered to her ears asking who am I.. then she said, "hmm alongggg. Along bebeh!" eeeeeee gerigitan ku si lateng ah. She's so hyperactive that night. Singing, talking non-stop. Ia makan bubur, minum air and makan ABC at that time. Sekali bila ia sudah kanyang, she said, "aleeya kanyang udah"... melatengggggggggg.... anyway, ALeeya hope you get well soon kay. Love ya...

Yesterday noon as well, my ex-colleague, Nanak, called out of the blue. I guess its been awhile. But to my surprised, she called to tell me that my other ex-colleague passed away because of penyakit buah pinggang. I was really shocked to hear the bad news. Couldn't believe it myself coz as far as I knew her, she was a very active person, she taught netball for pupils, she was active at outdoor activities. *sigh* Nya org, kalau dah ajal atu terletak di tangan Allah, tani terima saja. I couldn't attend the funeral coz I was at the hospital. Innalillahinaillahirojiun. Al-fatihah. Semoga roh beliau di cucuri rahmat. Amin.

Talked for awhile with Nanak and the others like Ct and Mimi. Its been a year I didn't see and meet them. I missed them alot.

Then at 3pm, received a message from my Amit. In the message she told me that her daughter, my cousin was involved in a car accident at KK. Another shocking news. I called my amit asking what was going on. She said that her daughter went to KK with her hubby's family. And they got involved in a car accident. I asked her how bad was it. Then she told me that it was bad that she was already at the airport at that moment waiting for her flight at 4.40pm to KK a.s.a.p. She also told me that if it wasn't that bad, she wouldn't have to fly all the way to KK. So I guess my cousin must have hurt pretty badly. Il pray that she will be alright. Later that night, my hubby called my amit's husband to ask him what was my cousin's condition. He said that my amit sedang menguruskan permindahan my cousin dari hospital KK to hospital RIPAS. Big *sigh*. But yang penting my cousin is still alive. Alhamdulillah.

So at the moment, Im feeling so blue, gloomy, depressing, sad. But I'll pray that everything will be alright. Two shocking news to be heard at one day. Suicidal rasanya ehehheh but Im a strong lady. Berserah saja kepada Allah.

Okaylah people, I guess that's all. Have to get ready coz Im going to the hospital again to visit my niece. Ill blog again some other time. Until then au revoir peeps. Take care. Hugs.

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