Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lovely Sunday Morning

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

It is a lovely sunday morning. Woke up early today. Why? Because it is our 2nd year anniversary for me and hub. Happy 2nd Anniversary, bee.

So last night, we went out, sight-seeing, had lovely dinner and shopping!!! Hubby got home early yesterday. Told me to get ready cause he wanted to bring me out. First we went to the "stesen minyak". Then we're off to barik cause he wanted to meet his friend just for awhile. And then, we went to Q-lap. Tried to figure out where to eat. We decided to celebrate our anniversary abit early last night by having a relaxing, lovely dinner. So I suggested we ate dinner at De Fountain Cafe. I so wanted to eat Baked Macaroni. Its been almost 2 year hub and I haven't been to that cafe. So first we ordered an appetizers, the salad and nacho cheese. YUMMY!!

The half-eaten salad. Forgot to take the pix. I'm not a big fan of salad. But this one, not bad.. loved the tiny bread, cubic cheese, chix, green salad and the egg.

The Nacho Cheese. Haven't eat this for quite a while. Yummy. Aku yang paling banyak makan. Sal hub yang suapkan. That's hub's fingers trying to reach it. The combination of nacho, melted cheese and the sauce.. it was excellent. If only they could spread the cheese and sauce all over the plate.

For the third course, we both ordered Baked Macaroni. Sis Ammey, yep true nda banyak isinya but nyaman for sure. Nanti tah ke mall lagi hahahaha

Tercapai jua. Pasal nyaman sangat so abislah aku makan. Hubs was already full just by eating the salad and cheese. So he didn't finish his macaroni. So guess what? I ate hub's food hehehe guess I was super hungry. Hey I'm a food-lover. Yeah, I was full. But that's not the end of our dinner. Hub ordered a dessert. One scoop of Vanilla Ice-cream and a slice of Fudge Choc Cheese Cake. The ice-cream was for me and the cake was for both of us. I didn't take any photos sal lupa hahaha kekanyangan kali udah. Pasal kanyang, makan ais krim saja baru tah nyaman rasanya. Yummyness. The cake was ok. It was too chocholate-y. Anyway, just want to say thank you so much B for the treats. You are so deary lovely, wonderful hubby. I love you so much.

Two years! Wow, can't believe we made it this far. We both pray for the better in the future, InsyaAllah. Loving each other more and more and so unconditionally. Hub, the past 2 years has been perfect. We've been through lots of ups and downs and we made our way through the pain. Hope for the better life with you and with the coming of a new person in our life, InsyaAllah. You have been so great to me. Take care of me. Loves me. Thanks baby. I love you.. Couldn't ask for more. Happy 2nd Anniversary to Mr and Mrs NaNee.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Alai's Grand Wedding

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Sis Alai, sorry for the delay.. here are some of your lovely photos from your beautiful wedding. Although I couldn't get alot of it as there were alot of photographers and I couldn't get a chance to go as near as I could. It was too pack.. Well, here are the photos taken from inside your room. Enjoy sis and congratulations..

Sis Alai, getting ready..

Allahu Akbar.. heheh nadawah.. Sis Alai malar usai tudungnya.. kesian..

One posed between the newly-bride and the old-bride.. wah aku perasann eheh

Testing with the flowers..

Sis Alai and her sister.. Time ne photographer suruh dorang "action"

Lovely bride..

Pose dari siring..

Trying to show off the fake mole.. He.. He.. He..

1.. 2.. 3.. action..

The pelamin

Sis Alai walked down the "aisle" with pengangun.. dag dig dug..

Waited patiently for the arrival of the groom..

Berdebar rasanya..

The arrival of Alai's Official Hubby.. Lalu.. lalu.. Sabar wang.. inda lari binimu tu..

The lovely newlywed got off the pelamin to go outside for the "Majlis Membasuh Kaki"

Lalu.. lalu.. menapi.. menapi.. pengantin kan lalu...

Sis sis.. sorry I didn't take any photos masa acara membasuh kaki. Well ramai wah relatives Sis and your hubby. This is all I can give. Hehehe hope its ok with you.. And I also forgot to take the photos of your room padahal me yang batah di sana hahahah mana inda.. pengantin sudah mencuri pandangan.. So how's marriage life? Getting used to it already? Heheh baru jua.. :P Tahniah sekali lagi sis from both of us.. Hope you'll have a wonderful life together and yes it will be wonderful because he will always be there everywhere and anytime except time kaja.. you'll no longer feeling alone and vulnerable.. Everything will be different after this.. A better change of life.. Semoga berbahagia hingga ke ahir hayat.. Enjoy it..

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

The title says it all. I'm bump, hurt, sad, my heart aches, depress, feeling gloomy.. can't think of any other words to describe it. Somehow, something just.. don't know how to express it.

Last wednesday, I was at home watching FRIENDS around 10am until a colleague of mine send me a message, told me something about changing my examination marksheet all over again. I spent the half day at school a day before that finishing my sheets and now I have to do it over again. God! its killing me. So I started working on it at 10-ish.. sat in front of my computer and my laptop. Opened my file in the folder. Took out my calculator and calculate the marks again. My back hurts. Nothing I could do cause I really wanted to finish it sooner and why.. because I wanted to have my holidays without thinking about work. Which b.t.w is not working. I had to do my item analysis and then finishing my presentation. I worked until 4pm cause thats when Hubby called me, asked me out to grab a bite. I hadn't have my lunch yet. Yes I was very hungry. I felt bad for myself, letting myself doing all the work with empty stomach. Kesian my baby. Mummy very sorry dear.

Getting ready, about 7 minutes Hubby came home. I went downstairs and we drove to the nearest restaurant. I was still famished, so I asked Hubby to drop me off at KFC. I've craved to eat Zinger Burger. Went home, had rest, took a shower, lied down on the bed, watched tv with Hubby. And then at 7pm, I got up, continued my work again. Argh! I could feel the tension around me, in my head, my body, everything. I could easily felt that my blood pressure was high. Almost had a headache. But after I thought of the baby, I took the rest I needed. Couldn't think of anything else but the baby. Didn't want to get myself all stressed up with work cause its not good for me and the baby. So I went to bed early that night. Missed to watch Heroes and C.S.I. I've sacrificed my tv time. Oh I forgot to mention, I didn't watch tv from 10am till 6pm. I was so into it.

So today, I try not to think about work. Woke up early, made breakfast for Hubby. Send Hubby off on the stairs. Went to my room. Switched on the tv. Lie on the bed and I get back to sleep. Yeah, I didn't do any work today. Its my lazy time.

But somehow, something or someone just without intentionally hurt me. I don't want to elaborate. Simply say that I'm hurt.. Anyway I have to go now. C.S.I is on.

10 more days till my 2nd year Wedding Anniversary. Syukur alhamdulillah we made it this far and hope for the better life in the future, insyallah, Amin.

Goodluck to everyone.