Wednesday, February 28, 2007


/I got tagged by Ammey!

Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about your self. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and their list names. No tag backs.

1. I am utterly a lazy person. I like doing my work the very last minute. I love wasting my time when I come to think of finishing my work.

2. Love scrumptious, mouth-watering, tasty, delectable, irresistible cuisine such as Beef Lasagna, Tuna Delight Pizza, Cheese Cake, Pasta, Spaghetti, Ice Cream, Double Cheese Burger, Chocolates, French Fries. If someone invites me to join for a pizza, trust me, I won’t say “NO”. Above all I’m a food lover.

3. I can’t draw like my brothers. Seriously, I can’t but yet I am teaching Art for my pupils. There this one period of art, I was teaching them how to draw flowers. I didn’t know what was I suppose to do so I just drew what I could. When I finished, I told my pupils that I didn’t know how to draw. My pupils were totally shocked when I pointed it out. Why? Cause they said that my drawing was fine and beautiful. Eh? I was like “What?!?” “Thanks!”

4. When I was a teenager, I had this bad habit of biting my nails. It never grew longer. I used to have an ugly finger nails. So one day, I tried to think hard how to get rid of the ridiculous habit. I got an idea. I put on a nail polish, not the clear type but the coloured type. Guess what. It worked. I didn’t bite my nails since.

5. I HATE LIZARDS! If I see one crawling on the ceiling or passing by from nowhere, I’d scream and run like mad even jump on a chair (trust me, it happened before)

6. I love collecting DVDs. The Dvd 9! Yep the $8 types. Yes! I love collecting Dvds with good quality pictures and sounds. Although its not as expensive as the original Dvds but its worth it. Why wanna watch movies that includes people passing by, heads and extra sounds like people’s laughing, coughing, sneezing and talking? And you can’t see better in a low quality movies. You can’t hear the sound clearly and it’s dark. I’m through with it. You can experience it when you watch movies in the cinemas. Trust me! You can browse thru my collections at home. You can even ask my brother, Aiman.

7. I love to keep any sentimental values. I’ve collected all my love letters with my dear Hubby when we were so hangat di lamun cinta in Secondary School. I’ve kept all our pictures dulu. We were so young and naïve. There was a picture of us at Yayasan at Merrybrown Fast Food corner dulu. OMG! Can’t believe it has been 11 years.

8. I Love wearing Black. I guess I just want to be unnoticed, invisible.. But my life is not dull. My life’s pretty great and exciting.

9. When I sneeze, I can sneeze more than 10 times at one goes.

10. My idol is Dayang Nurfaizah. Felt in love with her since I’ve heard her song “Seandainya Masih Ada Cinta” I’ve collected her albums. All original cd. I’d do anything to meet her face to face. My wish was granted when on the new year 2006 I met her at the Empire Hotel. I talked to her, took pictures with her, hugged her, kissed her on the cheeks. It was like a dream come true. Love Dayang! Wah atu ia.. emosi hehehehhehe

Got no one to tag.. poor me.. hahahahhaha

Saturday, February 24, 2007



Happy 1 year 8 Months Anniversary, Dear Hubby.. May Allah bless our marriage. And limpahkan rezeki, healthy and long continous happiness. Amin..

Happy birthday to MAMA


On the 23rd February 2007, Brunei celebrated the National Day but since it is Friday so the celebration will be held on Saturday. On the 23rd February is also my Mum's Birthday. She turns 52 this year.

So yesterday, on her birthday, mum invited us to dinner at Restoran Nyonya. All of us were there. Mum, Dad, Judin, Me, Hubby, Maming, Eyan and the lil annoying, bubbly, latengest Aleeya. Its been awhile, so when we came into the restoran, Aleeya was like looking at me for quite a moment. She smiled, showing her teeth, then she said "Along!" She was so kambang. She sat with Mum. I was sitting in front of her. I played peek-a-boo with her. ehheheheh memang ia kambang.

She was holding Mum's phone at the moment. Then she asked for her Nini Haji's phone. Then she played a game with them. She asked Nini Hjh where is the phone. "mana tipun nini hjh?" Everyone was playing along asking cluelessly for it. She kept it in her pocket. This girl pandai udah kan main tapuk2. So i got an idea. I asked judin to call mum's number. When it rang, Aleeya suddenly shocked, looking around looking for the sound. Then she took out the phone and gave it to Nini Hjh. Then Mum said, "boh, polis tipun" Aleeya pun tanya "polis?" she was a lil bit scared ehehe then she didnt dare to take her nini hjh's phone coz she afraid that police would call back. So she asked for her nini hj's. Pandai bah diz girl. We got entertained by her.

Time makan, she dengan kambangnya telling everyone that she knew a song BINGO. So we asked her to sing it. Melateng I'd tell ya. Even the words B I N G O bulat ia sebut. After makan, we went jalan2 round the shop. She carried this big bag that filled with her pampers, shirts and botol susu. At first she carried it mcm Mak Datin. Then I ajar her to carry the bag on her shoulder. Eeee melateng.. ketuaan banar.. At first she couldnt do it. Her shoulder inda jua basar sangat so it kept falling down. Then sooner after dat dpt tah ia bawa catu. One other funny thing that she did was when she counted One, Two, Three using her three fingers. One - pointed finger, Two - middle finger, and three - jari manis kan. Our thumb and pinky join together. Tapi Aleeya did the other way and everytime she did it, we laughed at her coz it was so cute and so innocent. She counted One and Two and the pointed and middle finger came out, then on Three.. it was her pinky finger! can u imagine it. Try it urself.. You make a fist and count 1,2,3 and use ur pinky finger on the 3. cali bah this girl. She had the difficulty to hold her pinky and her thumb.

Anyway, after makan and window shopping, we went to The Mall. I lanja my family a movie ticket to watch Ghost Rider. But only the 5 of us sja. Maming and eyan wanted to rest and they need to check in at the Jubilee Hotel. They stayed there overnight for the event of the national day that they got involved with. Takut nanti payah cari park. So after the movie, we headed home. Got headache.. ehehhe

okaylah, maybe atu saja for the time being. Il blog again next time when i have something on my mind heehhe take care peeps.. au revoir..

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


its been a while.. my reasons are: lazy, busy, lazy and very very busy.. oh well dunno what makes me wanna blog now.. but i know that i just want to point out something.. i just got home from work around 3-ish pm.. was really tired and exhausted.. at 1st i decided to take a rest and went to sleep.. then i switched on my tv and watched National Treasure on star movies.. so i skipped my plan to sleep coz i love that movie so much..

the movie ended at 5pm.. i was bored.. waiting for B to come home.. so i browsed thru all the channels.. seemed like nothing interesting were on.. so lame.. then while i was clicking the channel from channel 15 until 23.. i stopped at channel 19.. the movie I Not Stupid 2 was on.. i havent watch that movie ever even the 1st movie.. so i was like.. its not gonna kill me if i watch singaporean movie.. at 1st i tot it was gonna be a lil bit bored and funny here and there.. but i was totally wrong.. i enjoyed watching it from the beginning until the end.. all i can say is that.. it was by far the best singaporean movie i ever watched.. (since i dun remember watching other singapore movies).. that movie really opened my eyes about life.. children.. being a parents and an educator..

here is a lil bit info abt the movie:
Set in Singapore’s fast-paced modern society, the narrative progresses through the eyes of 8-year-old Jerry Yeo as he and his older brother, Tom, face the pressures of school and demands of their wealthy but ever-bickering parents, Steven and Karen. Along also for the ride is Tom’s friend, Chengcai, who is often misunderstood by his teacher at school, and whose own predicament with his single hawker-stall owning father reveals the film’s deep concern with the generation gap between its characters. Through Tom and Chengcai, the film also delves into juvenile delinquency as a result of this breakdown in communication, while Jerry simultaneously runs around trying to get his parents to attend his upcoming performance in school, and succeeds eventually.

The film is about the lives of 15-year-old Tom and his 8-year old brother Jerry, and their friend, 15-year-old Chengcai. This satirical comedy touches on various issues facing Singaporean teens today, particularly lack of communication between parents and children, and lack of appreciation for good work.

wat strike me the most abt this movie is that i am an educator.. a teacher.. who teaches students.. i learned something useful and valuable frm the movie.. i realise that in order to give a better teaching and learning for the students.. we musnt force them.. we musnt be the enemy.. we musnt try to condemn the pupils.. we musnt give them the hard time.. a good pupil will behave badly if they always under alot of pressure and being scold everytime they make a tiny mistake.. i have learned that by giving moral support, compliments (even they do bad in calculation), appreciation and communicate well with them.. they will feel honored and proud of themselves and they will be a better person.. scold them all the time is not really a good thing to do.. even they do bad in maths, we shudnt scold and yell at them and humiliate them in the class or else their motivation will go down as well as their self-esteem.. we must give them a good compliment and support them to try even harder.. motivate them.. giving rewards.. praises.. and appreciations.. *sigh* i learned so much from that movie.. so if u guys havent watch it.. i recommmend it.. the story is not just about life in school.. it also tells about life at home.. the communications between parents and children..

ok.. i mau masak lu eheheh so il blog again next tym.. dun forget to watch I Not Stupid 2.. thanks y'all.. lubs ya.. muackz!!