Saturday, August 04, 2007


- Life.. hectic! Too much to be done in a short period of time.

- Its been almost two weeks without my eSpeed. Masih lagi di rumah lambak. So I've been missing living online alot. What to do? Dorang sana siuk2 makai, aku yang terpunduk ganya di sini. So anyway, told Hubby to cut the eSpeed line for the time being. Its only fair. We haven't register for phone line yet. So hubby told that eSpeed would be cut off start 1st August. But it seemed like it was still ON. Mcm I was so upset, mcm sengaja kah.. Kan minta masuk bill lah tu. Membuyuk jua tu. Kalau faham bisai. So masa ani menahan rasa saja inda online. Well untuk sama2 inda online, baik tah di putuskan. I'm not trying to berkira or anything.

- Life in school: tiring, exhausting. Thats all I can say.

- Hubby's working tonight. Ada tanglong malam ne. So here I am, home alone. But that doesn't bother me. I don't care, mind of scared being alone. Been there done that. Yeh, we're officially moved. So far, siuk berabis. Never thought living by yourself could be this much fun. Well actually, it is time for us to be independent. Since there will be a new person coming into our life in about 10 more weeks. So why not? Our intention to live by ourselves is only simple: to experience our lives as a married couple, experience in paying bills, buying kitchen stuffs, above all, to be independent. Thats all. Its not like we're trying to leave the family behind. Family is still family. Nothing has change.

- The noisy neighbours especially "The AMAH" really annoyed me. I can leave with it you know the neighbours. But having to hear "The AMAH" babysitting and it seems like they don't really know how to deal with the kids and let the kids running around wildly, screaming here and there, crying out loud, and the most annoying thing is that when they are passing by our home, they talk so loud, laughing, chitchatting with other AMAH, leaving all the kids' toys right outside our door and nada terkarih kan mengangkut mainan atu balik, terbiar tia berampai tu, Lului jua tu AMAH catu ah. Pandaikah mengasuh tu? Mun inda tahan menjaga, jangan di jaga. So everytime the AMAH passing by bawa kids yg berdamitan atu, start tia dorang bising2 di luar bercerita besar2 mcm inda hormat kan jiran yang ada duduk dalam rumah atu, so I'll increase the volume of my TV, pasang MTV lagi. Biar dorang! So far, bila saja riuh bunyi TV ku baru tah dorang faham. Even ada one time I heard this AMAH was calling the kid yg ia jaga, the kid ignored her calling. I was at the window spying on them. So I heard the AMAH said "Kelabur" at that kid. Tau ia kan kelabur ah. Mun anak ku di cakapnya catu, au ku tampiling mulutnya ah. Enough about AMAH.

- Im in my 30 weeks now. Its getting closer. Nervous yet? Ada jua sikit2. Haven't gone shopping to buy baby's stuffs yet. All the baju and barang mandiannya. I've been so iski dah kan bali but when come to think that we still have no idea what is the sex of the baby, so tergendalalah. But last night, we went to hypermart. Gatal sangat dah ku kan bali baju. So sampai hajat ku bali baju baby buat pertama kalinya. Chose the white colour ofcourse.

- My eating habit has gone wild. I mean I eat everything. But trying hard to control hahahha biasalah makan untuk dua orang wah.

- Miss going out with my friends. My pregnancy is coming 30 weeks now. That is almost 8 months, so its been almost 8 months I haven't been going out with my friends. Believe it or not.

- Im tired. Need to rest. Will blog again some other time. Till then.. take care