Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Its been awhile ehehehhe been very busy for the past few weeks..

First of all I would like to say Happy 1year Wedding Anniversary to the beloved and lovely couple .... Adi and Bebeh.. on the 24th of June... ehehheh its my wedding anniversary lah ehehheh yeahaaa can't believe it has been a year... ok dokie just a quick update coz I feel very sleepy and want to go to bed ehehheheh

1. My hubby and I went to RBC and had a very comfortable, peaceful, romantic dinner
2. My hubby bought an iPod Video as a wedding anniversay gift *Smooch* I love you so much and I LOVE the gift!!! Now Im obsess with it
3. I bought a laminator.. you know the one we use to laminate stuffs eheheh
4. I bought that metal cutter thingy eheheh well actually my hubby bought it for me
5. School holiday ended and I started teaching primary 5 and all the sudden my GB tukar my position again to teach primary 4 after all the preparation I had done during the school holiday for primary 5 was a total waste
6. My parents registered for e-speed at my hometown curry-yum.. luckily my bro brought a router so we can go online wireless ehehehhe I can go online here and at lambak as well
7. Work Sucks!!!! Stress level to max.. exhausted.. tired... feel like want to kill someone ehehhehe just kid
8. Sorry Neez... I have watched Superman Returns.. my hubby suprisingly bought the ticket without me knowing it so sayang jua nda meliat ehehheh anyway we'll watch other movies when u get back here kay ehehhehe
9. oh yeah my bro Aiman just got back from Uk 2 weeks ago..
10. that hand-foot and mouth disease still merebak di brunei.. some schools are closed kana kuarantin.. ehehehhe
11. desperately wanting to see all my good friends to settle down and get married ehehehe apakanzzzz... semoga mereka bertemu jodoh masing-masing amin ehehhee and to kath.. be patient ok.. semua atu dugaan tu eheheheh well Im very happy for both of you and sharin eheheh nanti aku plng yg bragging arah sharin suruh pinang ko ahahhahah ok apa... well just be prepared orite.. you know i love you...

okay I think I've covered everything ... maybe eheheh but if ada yang tertinggal I will update again some other time... happy reading people... love you!!!!!