Sunday, February 22, 2009



I was just browsing the internet and came across something quite shocking actually.. Like *woaaahhh* I will never wanna mess with that person.. but if that person starts a war.. bring it on!!! So before that person thinks that way.. better behave!!! Don't pretend you're a good person..

It's a shame how someone can easily pretend to be someone else but the truth behind that mirror.. nightmare!! Didepan acts like an innocent.. like a naive child.. who knows behind all that innocent faces that the person shows.. its all fake.. when it gets reveal.. totally ugly.. mua saja lawa.. tapi perangai.... *sigh* inda apalah.. when the time comes.. that person will have to deal with it and no one is gonna be able to lend a hand or even help.. Subhanallah..

Friday, February 20, 2009

The cutest Blog Tag and Award


I've received this tag and award from Ummi Rosma. Thanks alot Ummi.

1. Copy and paste the award and post it on your blog and sidebar.
2. Link it to the tagger.
3. Write something about the tagger too.
❧❧ ❝I've been tagged and awarded by Ummi Rosma. I don't know her very well. But I love reading her blog. Haven't really met in real life but looking forward to. Been learning about her life through her blog, that she's married and has 2 adorable kids. She's friendly and loves to cook. She is also very creative.❞
4. Lastly, you have to state 10 facts about yourself or your hobbies before tagging the next favorite blogging buddies.
❧Married. ❧My son's name is Darwisy. ❧A sensei. ❧Little miss forgetful. ❧Love watching movies. ❧I'm not that hardworking but I always get the job done! ❧Hubby gets annoyed cause I've spent alot of time with the internet. But he's very supportive and understanding. ❧Love swimming. ❧Obsess with handbags and shoes (its a thing!!) ❧Food lover *heheheh*

This tag will chain with these cute buddies.. Kath, Roslina, Faen, Wani, Moza, Ammey, Kel..

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My very 1st award!!!


I'm truly honored to receive this award given by Ummi Rosma. And I would like to share this award to blogging buddies: Kath, Roslina, Mozzy, Wani, Ammey.

Saturday, February 14, 2009



*sigh* I'm so mentally and physically exhausted. More workshops, orientations and meetings in near future. Means more new adjustments to the SPN-21 ways of teaching. I'm just done!! Masa ani lagi aku konfius membuat scheme of work. Like the new slash sample scheme of work totally different from what we've done for the past 5 years (since I started teaching). Its a big change and we're clueless. Tired! Done!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Fish Spa


Petang tadi, I went fish spa. For the 2nd time. But this time, I brought along my hubby, my mum and dad, my sis-in-law with her fren. Hehehehe we had a great time. All of them 1st time ne merasa fish spa. Yatah siuk merakamkan saat bila dorang masukkan kaki ke dlm kolam atu hehehehe my hubby kegelian.. hahah my mum pun jua.. so enjoy the pics yg sampat ku snap utk tatapan kmu2.. banyak plg lagi but biar tia ani sajalah.. krg terjeluak saja krg meliat byk gambar hahahah seronok jua. My son pun ikut jua masukkan kakinya ke dlm kolam tapi nda sampai seminit, kan nangis ia merasa kakinya kana gigit hehehe although its ticklish hehehe

The reason ku fish spa ani just to introduce to my family.. its a fun activity to do together. So I invited my sis, my mum and my dad, my bro and his wife. Unfortunately my sis, my bro n his wife couldn't make it. So ada 2 slots empty. Paning tah ku nah kan mencari org. Then I called my other brother.. kan bawa ia with his gf.. pun sama jua inda belaku. Lastly I asked my hubby to call his sister. Nasib jua ia mau ehehhehe she brought her best fren along... weeheeee

my son iski meliat ikan2 atu.. hehe nasib jua nda ia terajun..

hahah lapar banar ikan2 itu..

sambil befish spa.. sambil kana bagi biskut hehehe nyaman b~?

my dear darling {p/s: love you b}

help!!! hungry fish!!

my feet kah ne? hehehe nda lagi tau tuu

my mum and my dad

kaki-kaki mereka hehehe

kaki my mum

look at my hubby's 1st expression when he put his foot inside the pool

hahahahaha someone's enjoying it.. tapi kegelian hahahah

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Showering again


It's been raining for the past couple of days. Kadang labat, kadang sederhana. Its unpredictable. It forced me to wake up early and off to work at 20 minutes past six as to avoid traffic and just in case its raining heavily, terpaksa jua drive mcm siput tu. Yatah when I go outside the house, it's dark mcm waktu subuh rasanya. *Shivers* It's nice to have someone or something to snuggle with at this time.

Can't wait to have the 1st term of school holidays hehehehe I know batah lagi.. but I don't care.. Have plenty of things I have in my mind that I wanna do.

Hari ani plan kan Fish Spa with my sis and my mum. Turns out that the spa is close. I tried calling since yesterday to make an early booking. Nobody picked up the phone. I tried calling again today. It opens at 10am, so I called fifteen minutes past ten until now. Still no answered. I even went there to check it out. If I couldn't called them might as well go there. Total disappointment, the spa was closed! I'm so tired of having to call all over again. And now its 1 o'clock, still no answer. This means that the spa is close. But on the door says, they are open for business except on mondays and public holidays. Does friday consider public holidays? I'm a bit confused. If it's not then why the spa is close? I was so frustrated. I really wanted to have the fish spa with my family. Big sigh~!

Change of plans, me and hubby will be going grocery shopping today. I'm feeling abit sleepy. Maybe cause of the wet and cold weather. Makes you wanna stay in bed. Heheheheh well I'm off.. toodles!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hate it


Don't you just hate it.. The school session ends, before you leave the classroom, you arrange the tables and chairs in position, then you sweep the rubbish off the floor, clean the whiteboard, arrange pupils' books properly, leave the classroom with the happy feelings that everything is done already. Head home and relax, settle down then up again to do tomorrow's work. You have the motivation to do school work thinking about the satisfaction you did by cleaning the classroom. Which makes you wanna come to school as early as possible. Then it strikes!!!! You come to school, sign in, after the assembly, head to your classroom. Open the door and there it is! Rubbish everywhere, tables and chairs not in position, pupils' books been disturb, your teaching aids being hidden behind the whiteboard, rubbish bins full! Annoying yet frustrating. I'm truly disappointed. Why can't they just take care of the classroom the way I do it. This has been going on since last year. OMG! It happens again this time. Minta maaf ah, to guru ugama patang ani.. inda ada inisiatif kah kan mengarahkan murid2 biskita atu membersihkan kelas atu. Kita cuma meminjam bangunan dan kelas atu. Apa salahnya jaga sama2. Inda terkarih kah kan melarang murid atu supaya jgn berjurit or buka mulut atu.. suarakan arah murid suruh kutip sampah ah. I know sometimes murid lain yang masuk ke kelas atu. Tapi barat sangat jua kan bercakap atu. Membagi arahan pun payah. Apa rasanya kalau kita di situasi ku ani. Penat lelah ku mengusai kelas and menjaga kebersihan kelas atu bah.. Apa rasanya kalau aku membiarkan kelas atu berjurit sana sini. Please deh.. Don't be selfish! Berkobar kali ah semangat ku mencantikkan kelas atu.. Tau2 inda di hargai. Lapis meja ku balikan. Apa sumbangan guru ugama? Adakah? Kalau tersinggung, minta maaf ku ih. Bila rasa ku ini rasa mu.. rasakan tia. Tau tah kamu tu.. Menyakitkan hati kali ah.. aku ngalih2 membersihkan kelas tau2 esok pagi berjurit macam terkana puting beliung. Stressful man!!!!! Disappointed!!! Big Time!