Friday, April 27, 2007



Oh well, on monday, us the teachers had a meeting with our PPKD in the afternoon. So after work I dropped by at my parent's home. I came early, no one was home so I watched TV. About a few minutes later, mum came in. Then not long after that my dad came home. I was totally tired with work and now had to come in the afternoon for the meeting. It started at 2pm and I waited for my friend, Anne, to pick me up. Coz she decided to go together.

The meeting was slightly boring eheheheh boring pasal ngalih udah wah. And it was monday!! The 1st day of the week. I felt so sleepy. Been trying hard on myself not to yawn. Hahaha.. it started at 2pm and ended at 4.40pm!!!! Uwaaa sasak ku.

Tapi nyaman ati ahirnya abis jua ehehehe so me and my friends went to tutong to grab something to fill our stomach. Although we did eat something during refreshment after the meeting but that was not enuf eheheheh

After that Anne sent me home. I warmed up my car as soon as I arrived coz biasa my car ne lambat kan panas enjinnya. So I went into the house and had a lil chitchat with my parents. Not long after that, we heard honk's car outside. We thought it was the neighbour. So mum went out to see. I heard voices, familiar voices eheheh rupanya my bro, his wife and the latengest aleeya.

Its been awhile aku nda jumpa dorang. Apa lagi aleeya. So as usual nampak ja mama, tarus tah minta kipak tu ehehe manja.. kali aku tanya lah ia, "sapa ne?" I pointed at myself. Batah jua ia respon. inda ia mau jawab... eeeee gigitan ku.. alum tia panas ne kali eheheheh they were just on their way home from the empire hotel. Yep they stayed overnight there cause my bro had a meeting. Siuk le kana sponsor tidur sana. Eyan, his wife ceta about the buffet. Aleeya ate alot.. she ate fruits and ice cream. So i asked her how many ice cream did she eat.. She said "aleeya makan 2" and she showed two on her fingers. Ku tanya lagi "Ice cream apa?" She said, "ICe cream warna coklet sama pink" hehehehe baru tah ku dengar ia becakap.. she started to warm up.. she also told us that she ate fruits like watermelon and honeydew. Her mom told us that she was totally full hahahha kekanyangan panya.. baru ia tau hehehehe

Kali my mum lagi offer buah dlm tin. She gave her two choices. Rambutan or Longan. She chose the rambutan. eheheheh mum opened the can and put the fruit in a bowl. Before she ate it, she recite doa Al-fatihah and doa sebelum makan. She was getting pretty good dlm membaca surah Al-Fatihah. Aleeya took one big rambutan and put it in her mouth. hahahaha lapar masih panya. Alaaa aleeya kali ah.. inda buleh liat buah.. its her fave.. She ate 6 rambutans by herself. The rest of the rambutan mama tapuk hahahahah antam.. So i didn't stay long coz it was pretty late udah and my hubby was waiting at home. So i said goodbye to everyone, salam with my parents and minta cium dari aleeya eheehhehe si lateng atooo..

okaylah maybe atu saja.. its 7.40am in the morning.. Yep I woke up early cos I wanted to pee and wanted to send a msg to my dear cousin G-Bah to wish her on her birthday yesterday.. I was late coz I was totally caught up with lots of work.. okay take care peeps..

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Hahaha aku pun jeles kan kai skin biasa ja.. buleh kali ahh :p

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Long Overdue updates...


Nothing much to say here. I went to the clinic this morning. Left school around 10 am. On my way home, hubby called. He said that he'll picked me at home. So excited that he decided to accompany me. He did come with me the 1 st appointment. I love you, B.

So went in, took my urine test and thankfully it was normal. Then waited my turn to be called. Dah tu, nurse cek my blood pressure. It was normal. Alhamdulillah. Pastu I went in to another room. Ada nurse sudah menunggu di sana. She was asking me all those things about morning sickness, discharged, balanced diet and all then she asked me to lie down on the bed. She wanted to hear the heartbeat of the baby. She was so bubbly, biasalah org veteran. She was so gigitan that she wouldnt stop until she could hear the heartbeat. During my 12 weeks of pregnancy, I couldn't hear it. So that was why I was so exciting the second I heard the heartbeat of the baby today. And the nurse satisfied. So today is the 4th month of my pregnancy (16 weeks). So very very very excited wished I could tape the heartbeat.

Then the nurse asked me to go upstairs to meet the doctor. It was just a procedure. It was almost the same as what the nurse did to me. Asking me all these questions. Then doctor asked me to lie down. She checked on my breast, my heartbeat and then lastly she checked the heartbeat of the baby. Yes!!!! Suka ku sal aku dpt dengar lagi bunyinya. Almost cried plg because I was extremely happy and totally excited.

So my next appointment is on the 26th May 2007. I will be 20 weeks (5 months) by then. And also my ultra-sound appointment at Sungai Hanching Clinic will be on the 22nd May. I really can't wait to see. Pray everything will be okay, selamat. Hope the mother and the baby sihat walafiat. Amin. So excited.

Okay I think that would be all. So tired with work. Non-stop, never ending, endless work. Well, I will never forget to take care of myself and the baby. Makin hari makin sayang. Hubby is always there for me. He cares for me even more. He takes care of me. He is so loving and caring. And yes he is also very excited about the baby. Ofcourse he is eheheheheh

Okay.. Wassalam..