Sunday, August 31, 2008

Random photos

Salam to my silent readers!

Happy Sunday!!

Sorry everyone. I guess I didn't get the chance to finish my last post. Seems like something wrong with the photos I wanted to upload. And also it had been a very hectic week for me. Didn't get to go online for the past few days.

Here's what happened so far:
1] Finish up my English Test Paper which was due before the 25th August.
2] Had dinner at Tamu Selera with Hubby and his family. Celebrating his sister's birthday.
3] Sunday, 24th August, a-must-attend PSK Closing Ceremony held at the Stadium Hassanal Bolkiah. Took place in the afternoon till 6pm.
4] GB gave us off day on monday. We didn't have to attend afternoon session but will ganti it to another day.
5] Went to Nyonya Restaurant on the 25th August, celebrating Babah's 55th Birthday.
6] Went to pizzahut Tutong on the 26th, Billy belanja us. Ia belanja us sempena birthdaynya.
7] The next day, went to Aminah Arif, ambuyating with my workmates.
8] 30th August, Si Manja Roadshow held in the school. Event took place from 8am till 12pm.
9] At night, went to Pizza Hut, Gadong, hanging out with the "Alai-Alai ~EST" from 7pm till 11pm.

See what a very hectic schedule I had the past week.

These are some random photos
"Random Photos 1"
Took place at Nyonya Rest, celebrating Babah's birthday


" Random photos 2 "
[My little precious BabyBoy, Muhammad Adam Darwisy. Mami and Abah love you so much]

Biting the giraffe's long leg. He loves it!


"[Awisy and Abah]"

Photos from PSK Closing ceremony and Pizzahut with Alai-Alai ~EST will be upload soon. Insya Allah. Till then, take care.

P/s: BugChomey, banyak hot stories to tell. Dunno where to start and how to tell. Through email? You've missed alot. So sad you couldn't join us.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mood Swing

Salam to all MyEm0.Com

I'm back. Mind still off to somewhere. Sorry ladies, I'm still in the lazy mood to upload pix. Dunno why. OMG! Maybe I am not feeling energetic and enthusiast as I was before. Didn't get enough sleep for the past few days. Come on eyes! Work with me, please. I need to rest and sleep. MyEm0.Com Okay, I'll try to upload it..

Events happened in the last week were:

1) Went to Tamu Selera on the 23rd August 2008 with Hubby's Family. Dined out to celebrate and membaca doa selamat sempena sis~in~law's birthday (she's the one with the glasses). Here are some of the photos taken that night. MyEm0.Com

"[While waiting for the food. My baby was very energetic that night. He wanted to touch and hold anything he saw]"

Whoopsiedaisy.. I got class.. will be back later..

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just Random


I'm abit bored and feeling abit drowsy. Didn't get enough sleep last night. Why? Oh why? Have a big event tomorrow at the Stadium Negara Hassanal Bolkiah, the closing ceremony of "Pesta Sukan Kebangsaan." The bad news is that it is a compulsory event so it is a must to attend. Still thinking what to wear for tomorrow.

Alai muj, yep 30th tu Pizzahut Gadong right in front of Nazmi ok. Time 2.30pm. Sama siapa you going? Hehehe Tayat will pick me up tu. Nak join? Hehehe bertiga kita sekereta huhuhu MyEm0.Com

On Thursday, went back to Tutong. Slept over. Great news, we have a new neighbour. My cousin! She moved in with her mother at the house next door. Its their house actually but they abandoned it for quite a while. Cause my Tua and my Cousin are working in Bandar. And now my Tua currently having her pension holiday so guess it is the best time to move back in since she has to give up her rental apartment. The house has been furnished quite nicely. They had to do some cleaning and throwing unwanted things and rubbish. Sekalinya, time2 siuk membersihkan atu (tarus bahasa melayu), banyaklah gambar2 lama yang terbongkar huhuh gambar2 kami time berdamitan dulu. When I was a kid, I used to hang out at my cousin's place. Her dad always bring me jalan-jalan. I was pampered by them. I was like the anak angkat. I was really closed with them and I am still. Even ada gambar-gambar time muda-muda dulu time bercinta-cintun sama Hubby dulu. Esehmen, tarus flashback. *blushed* best grow-up time ever.

Whoops.. ada kelas.. so blog later.. Salam MyEm0.Com

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm back


It has been a while I left my blog. Bukan apa.. just taking a break. Since I've nothing to post. So why not! Anyway, a lot has been going on recently and I don't know where to begin. So, once upon a time.. eseh mcm kan buat style buku tia. As I can recall, we went to a wedding, had our ladies day out with our grooming moments, went to ICC and had a blast day with full stomach, went to Kampong Ayer with the Hubby and took the night shots of Kampong Ayer as well as the masjid of Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien (unfortunately I don't have the photos right now so maybe I'll upload it tomorrow). There also lots of pictures to be upload. And I have 20 minutes to spare before my class. MyEm0.Com

So here it goes. Oh btw, Alai Muj, I LOVE your emoticon that I decided to copycat it from you. Hope you don't mind.

Day out part 1 on 08.08.08 (attending someone's Nikah) MyEm0.Com
Random photos
"Alai Kath, Alai Beh, Alai Amal, Alai Jen, Alai Om"
Kath picked me up. Went to Amal's and that's them at the back. MyEm0.Com
And sampat lagi pakai eye-liner dlm keta. Fuh!! Kath pun sampat bemekap huhuhu

Day out part 2 on 17.08.08 (attending someone's wedding)
Random photos (balik2 aja ku buat)
What we did before we went to the wedding? Grooming, make-up-ing, doing our girl thing! Sorry, no photos.
"Alai Muj, Alai Tayat, Alai Beh"
Us in the "kem" waiting for lunch hour. Lapar beb! MyEm0.Com Tapi yang banarnya inda plang. We've been fully fed by Amal, she served us Egg Sandwich. Yummy. Mau again!

"Alai Jen, Alai Om"
Alalallaal smile girls. You're on my camera! Cak!! MyEm0.Com

"Alai Ant, Alai Amal, Alai Keith"
Kuntrul ayu sorang2. Ah boleh aja.

"Alai Muj, Alai Tayat, Alai Beh"

"Alai Yat, Alai Beh"

"Alai Muj, Alai Yat, Alai Beh"

"Alai Beh, Alai Jen, Alai Om"
Pasal posing nombor satu! Fuyoo. Cayalah OM! MyEm0.Com

"Alai Muj, Alai Beh"

"Alai Beh, Alai Jen"
Baik jua si Alai Jen inda buat aksi 'JUL' eheheh MyEm0.Com
"Alai Beh, Alai Om"

"Alai Beh, Alai Ant"

"Alai Beh, Alai Keith"

"Alai Beh, Alai Amal"

"Alai Yat, Alai Beh"
Aksi diambil from inside the car, driven by Alai Tayat. Watch the road, dear! MyEm0.Com

We were on our way to ICC. To fill in our stomach again at the "Food Festival" held at ICC for the last day. Fuh! Macam inda kanyang makan pat org kawin tadi. Hahah No photos taken during our day out at ICC.

Yeah, I think that's all I can upload for now. I'll upload more photos tomorrow. Insya Allah. So here lies, Alai Bebeh, in the staffroom. No one is here but me. All alone. Cian Alai Beh!

Having staff meeting with the headmaster later at 2.15pm. Alai Beh is pressing the growling stomach.
Bad timing and day to have a fast now. Tahan Alai Beh. Upcoming plan, murtabak-ing with the girls after payday. Couldn't stop thinking about it since Alai Om mentioned it.

Okay, I'll stop blogging now. Will continue tomorrow with new things to post. Till then, Salam to all my silent readers. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Saturday, August 09, 2008



I'll be on hiatus. So won't be blogging for awhile. Later..

Monday, August 04, 2008

The Empire Hotel And Country Club


Photos taken also using h/p. So, sorry for the bad quality of these pictures. Me with Abah and Darwisy went out to The Empire Hotel on the 2nd August. The idea was to watch the fireworks show. Had no idea when it started so we came around 8.30-ish. Guards were already outside showing us the way to park our car. We parked underground just below the Empire Cinema. As we walked our way to the hotel, we asked one of the guards and just found out that the show started at 10pm. OMG! We were early. So killed the time by walking around the hotel, taking photos, walked on the beach and it was just lovely.

Taken yesterday 03.08.08 at Nadj Restaurant

Darwisy [Mami's Ooh]

He didn't want to sit still

Just outside the Empire Hotel

Abah, Mami and Darwisy outside the Empire Hotel

Darwisy and his Abah

The bad news, we didn't get to see the fireworks. We waited almost 1 hour and a half. Darwisy got a little bit fussy. He was tired and sleepy. And he was "mengusut" all the way. We didn't bring his stroller. So at last, we went inside the hotel and took some photos then headed home. It was such a waste.