Friday, January 30, 2009

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Just a lil update..

1) Went out with Kath on Tuesday. She was bored. Just to kill time while waiting for her sis to get off work.. So she picked me up, brought me to a restaurant at Lambak. Had this craving arah murtabak. Had a lil chitchat. Catch up on stuff. Since Kath's no longer working with me under the same roof. Missed hanging out with her. Kawan ber"gila" di sekolah. The loudest gang.

2) Went to a briefing and orientation on English SPN-21 at MOE. Met Kath as well. As she replaced her friend who couldn't make it to the orientation. It ended an hour early. So we had nothing else to do or to go to. So I decided we dropped by at Tayat's house. To greet the birthday girl. We got there around 3 plus. We ran into her WANN, he was lying on the floor watching TV. Our 1st time meeting him face to face. FINALLY!!! He was kinda shy that he got up and went home. Tayat said that he had to go to work. Didn't get the chance to mingle with him. Maybe some other time. Tayat showed us pictures of the flood that occurred at her place. Didn't know what to say. Unbelievable.

3) Utterly excited and looking forward to experience FISH SPA. Need to make a booking real soon.

4) Now I'm worn-out. Didn't get enough rest and sleep. Oh btw, have a dinner date slash monthly gathering with the DOLLS on saturday night. Can't wait. Whoops.. need to do a lil shopping tomorrow. Who wants to follow? *Sigh* I just couldn't catch a break. Hopefully it won't be raining tomorrow.

Okay. Take care all..

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Worst Floods


Just want to say my condolences to those who lost their loved ones regarding this flash floods that had occurred in Brunei the past few days. Quite scary though. Just reading through the newspaper. Car accidents, flash floods, landslides, blackouts. Happened recently. If you haven't read the newspaper today, click here

Tempat-tempat yang inda pernah kebanjiran pun terlibat jua. Tempat paling teruk terjejas like around Gadong, Menglait, Jangsak, Kapok, etc. To all drivers, drive safely out there especially on bad weathers. Well you know what to do. Malas kan berlecture. My hubby and I went to Gadong yesterday, jumpa drg my mum and dad sambil mkn2 di CA Mohd. Entah dengan tiba2 saja blackout while kami makan. Yang teruknya nada bercandle bah. Ada pulang tapi sebatang saja. So terpaksa tah ku makan berlampukan mobile. Inda romantik rasanya hahahaha so iatah pengalaman pertama ku berada di suatu tempat yang terkenal dengan kesibukan dan kesesakan tiba2 menjadi satu tempat yang suram dan gelap. I saw banyak org keluar dari The Mall.. Kadai paksa di tutup sementara menunggu karan. Takut krg kana simbat brg2 atu. Biasa mana tau ada yang kan ambil kesempatan hehehehe Only God Knows.

Paksa tah ku mkn laju2. Pedah jua tu mkn bergelap. Baik lagi berlilin kali ah. So inda lah ku batah jumpa sama my parents. We headed home tapi terpaksa tah kami menghadapi trafik jam yang teramat sangat. Well mostly dari Gadong tu. Since blackout, semua org berpusu-pusu balik. Yatah jam hantap. Terowong still closed due to heavy mud. I saw this pic showing the flood that occurred inside the terowong. Inda ku sangka setinggi atu airnya. Subhannallah. The worst floods ever. Alhamdulillah. Nasib jua aku masa ani tinggal di rumah my in-laws. If kami stay di Gadong, besar kemungkinan terjejas jua dengan kebanjiran ani. Mudahan tah keadaan akan bertambah reda dan baik. Insya Allah.

Ok thats all for now.. I'm blur. Will update soon.. take care..

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Salam to all my silent readers out there.. I want to apologize for not updating lately, recently. Had a very hectic weeks.. busiest days.. endless work.. No updates or anything perhaps for the next weeks as well..  will update soon if I have the spare time.. So I'll be on hiatus.. take care..