Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Old Friends


Well alot happened lately.. First of all, I went to Serusop with my baby when I bumped into an old friend of mine. My high school friend, Wani. She got married like 7 years ago with her high school sweetheart. And she has 3 children now. Two girls and a boy. We swaped stories. Haven't seen each other for almost 8 years ehehhehe and I just found out that one of our friends will be getting married this week. Sathriah.. congratulations.. Selamat Pengantin Baru dan Selamat Menempuh Alam Rumahtangga dan Semoga Bahagia Ke Akhir Hayat. I also just knew that Suhana got married last year. Hehehhe inda ku kana invite.. seemed like we lost contact for awhile. Btw Sathriah is getting married also to her high school sweetheart. I did too ehehhehe. Wish her a very long happiness. I text my friend Suhana, asking her how's our lil friend Lily is doing right now. She told me that Lily is still single but she has a boyfriend now. Hopefully Ill be getting her wedding invitation soon. Been getting alot of new information about my old friends in high school. Its been fun. Couldn't believe how much I missed the good old days. My friends are growing up. Getting married. Having kids. Trying to have kids... ehehehe Well congratulatios to all of you.. Hope we can get together sometimes.. Just like old days huh.. Hopefully I can make it at Sathriah's Wedding. Im sure we'll have alot to talk about.

Okay Ill blog again later..