Monday, August 21, 2006

Exhausted Days...


Last week, it had been the most stresful and exhausted week. I had 5 days of Chess Workshop. It just ended on Saturday but I didn't come because I was too exhausted. Yeah apparently I've missed the giving certificate session. Oh well, I let my friend who was also involve in the workshop to receive it on my behalf.

Okay let me start over. On Monday and Tuesday after school sessions were over, me and my colleagues went to Brunei Shell Recreation Centre in Seria to attend Chess Workshop. I tell ya, the journey was suck. It was hot and hazy. Thanks to the airconditioner. But having to drive 45 minutes was so boring. I felt sleepy along the way. What made it even more boring and suck was having stuck behind these heavy trucks and trailers on a one way road. Didn't want to overtake.

Then on Wednesday, we had our Final Badminton Tournament. So I missed my workshop. I wanted to play but... and also I didn't have this 'semangat' to play because we knew that we would be on the fourth and last place and what made it so boring to be in that particular place was we didn't get the consolation prizes. Our school was the 'Tuan Rumah' for that event. We were divided into two groups, A and B. I was in 'B'. But most of the team in group 'B' especially girls coz guys didn't care so much!!! ergh! annoying!! eheh anyway we didn't feel satisfied with the grouping. It was totally unfair. There were no votes. That 'FAGGOT' just picked each person and put it in Team A or Team B. Apparently most of the players in Team 'B' were average players. We-knew-how-to-play-but-we're-not-that-good Team. So we felt so low. Because we knew that if we played against Team A, we would lose. And yes we did!!!! That 'Faggot' is the most annoying, disgusting, idiot, laziest, two-faced, @$$#0!3, jerk. I physically hate that guy. Anyway, in that tournament, I only got to play once. Yup! Poor me. Guess I sucked at it. Hahaha Not!!

Oh well, so on Thursday, nothing much going on, no activities in the afternoon. Went to Seria again. During that workshop, we were playing against the Grand Master of Chess a.k.a our teacher. All versus One. He was really good otherwise he wouldn't get the title Grand Master right. We couldn't beat him. Hehehe it was really a fun day for me.

On Saturday, I attended Rentas Desa which was being held at Sek Ren Lamunin. It was a hot and hazy day. I decided to participate just for fun not for the prize ehehehe because I knew that I couldn't run so fast and I easily lose my breathe if I did eheheh guess I'm not that athletic. I just walked coz I love to walk. Eventhough I was the 2nd of last person to arrive I didn't feel embarrassed at all.

Then yesterday, ada Sukan Ria for teachers. I joined the field games only. I didn't win any prizes ehehehe but thats ok plang..


Continue: today is 23rd August 2006

Okay my last post is the one above. I was suppose to post it like a few days ago. But something came up.. didn't have time to continue and was in a hurry so I saved it as a draft. School holiday is coming. Im looking forward to it. Coz I have this honeymoon plan with my beloved hubby. I really can't wait!!! We're gonna be staying there for a week. Just the two of us.

It has been a very exhausting weeks I must say. Haven't really have my rest yet. So many things to be done in so little time. Badminton is over! Chess too! Hardly had a time off for myself. No worries, this coming school holiday is the time for me to pamper myself, rest as long as I want and don't need to worry about work. Actually that will soon happen. In the mean time, I'm worried about making a preparation of our Reading Carnival which will be held on the 13th, 14th and 16th September. Im incharge in Poem Reciting. I haven't done anything yet. Busy with monthly test which must be done before the school holiday.. Argh im so tired. My body ache. Alot in my head.

Anyway, I just got back from the Millennium Restaurant. Celebrating my dad's 53rd birthday. His birthday is tomorrow. So all of us were there. Me and hubby, Nisa, Aiman, Adi, Judin, my bro and wife and their cute adorable baby aleya, and mum and dad. It was very pleasant evening. Our night was cheered by the latingest and chubbiest and belabihness and adorable aleya. She was so kambang and very talkative. As usual banyak cakap just to show off her speaking skills.

Went home. Feeling sleepy but still have time to do this eheheh my hubby is watching 'Notting Hill' oh yeah before the dinner, me, my sis and my mum went to watch a movie named 'Gong' It was ok eheheh

Anyway, school sucks! Although we had a gr8 tym the past 3 days becoz our GB was on sick leave. It was the moment of joy for us.

Okay.. im tired.. wanna sleep.. blog later..