Saturday, July 21, 2007



Well just a lil update.. I'm officially moved. It had been a very tiring month for me. With a 16 days afternoon IC3 Course, appointments and roadshow and packing/unpacking stuffs, finally I could get my afternoon sleep today. So extremely exhausted with all the moving in thing. Decided to ambil berkat malam Jumaat, Hubby and I decided to throw a simple doa selamat to make it official. My family and his family were invited ofcourse. Doa selamat was recite by Hubby's bro. Alhamdulillah it went well. First night by ourselves was kinda different. Because we were on our own. Minding our own business. But we're happy. Finally we'll learn to be independent. Learn to pay all the bills, buying all kitchen stuffs. And everything. We can do whatever we want. It was fun. I don't know how to express it but above all we are very happy and excited. It feels good having my own tv, kitchen, toilets (no more berabut kan ke toilet time emergency berabis), my very own washing machine (no more waiting for others to finish their laundry so that I can do mine), my own living room. In fact I have been waiting for this moment. Cause I really want to learn living by my own with my hubby. Its our second night, everything went really well, cooked him dinner, did laundry, did some unpacking. And what makes me more excited, finally all the baby's stuffs had arrived. Stroller, bed, bathtub, pillow, bolster, fitted sheet, baby monitor, playpen and everything except the clothes. I haven't shop for the clothes yet cause the sex of the baby is still a mystery to me. I still have no idea if its a girl or a boy. But Hubby and I decided to do an ultrasound some time next month. Can't believe I'm in my 28th weeks now. Only 12 more weeks to go before my due. Getting pretty excited and nervous at the same time. Hoping and praying that everything will go well. Hope the mummy and the baby will be sihat walafiat. InsyaAllah.

Oh yeah, my sis Neez is in KL at the moment. Makes me really jealous. Wanted so badly to go there. Kan shopping and having a great time there.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Just a quick updates:

1) My sister, Nisa, got home from UK last Thursday. None of my family knew about her returned. All of the sudden I received a call from her. Apparently she's staying here in Brunei for a month to do a research about something. Then she'll fly back to UK in August.

2) My bro, Aiman, arrived Brunei on Saturday morning. He's having a 3 months holiday. Good to have both of them back. At least inda jua sunyi. Got my shortbread biscuits.

3) Had a movie date with my family. There were 7 of us. Dad, Mum, Me, Hub, Nisa, Aiman and Judin. We watched "Transformer" last night.

4) Celebrated my hub and I 2nd year of marriage.

5) Currently attending a 16 days of Internet and Computing Core Certificates Course. Missing my afternoon naps. All school works left untouch. Today, had our first exam. Its called "Module A". To avoid taking a reset for the exam, we have to pass at least 800 and above. Yes the passing mark is 800. Alhamdulillah I passed. So another 2 modules to go. Pray I will do well in the next exam.

6) The newlywed is currently having their honeymoon at KL. I'm so jealous!!! Hehehe enjoy your honeymooning..

7) I'm in my 26th weeks. The baby, alhamdulillah healthy.

8) On friday night, our car involved in a Hit and Run accident. Luckily the car was ok. Just a little scratch at the bumper. But the license plate was broken. We had dinner that night at Aneka Rasa with my family. We parked behind a shop and clearly it was a safe place to park and we didn't makan jalan or illegally parked the car. So that night we went around Kiulap to find a place to fix the license plate. Luckily ada shop masih buka.

9) I made a $99 refund from purchasing a Bmobile. I registered late February and the delivered of the Bmobile would be in April. So we waited patiently. Then we came in April, unfortunately they said that the Bmobile was not ready yet. So they extended the date until middle of July. So we waited, again! Until at the end of June, we came again. Yes, it was so unfortunate. Apparently, they said that they had stop making the product. Because there were alot of complaints. So they suggested us to refund or if we still wanted to purchase, we would have to choose the other Bmobile which cost $199. We just needed to add another $100. But I refused. Cause I've been waiting and waiting and at last it was all bad news. So I decided to refund my money. It has been a week now. So still waiting for their call. Waiting...

10) Its Brunei Mid-Year Sale!! People has gone craze about it especially ME!!!! Hehehe

Okay, I think I've covered everything. But if I missed out something, I'll post again next time. Until then.. Assalamualaikum to you..