Tuesday, October 31, 2006


By the way, Good bye the month of October 2006. Ill see you again next year. Welcome November eheheheh apakan...

Raya Celebr8n At School


Today we are having our Hari Raya Celebration. I asked my students to bring some raya cakes, rolls, snacks, drinks and so on. I brought Mee Goreng. Our "Rumah Terbuka" at 8.30am. So we started by reciting doa sebelum makan as usual and then I asked my students to perform by singing Hari Raya song but yeah all of the sudden they were being extremely shy today. Bangang!!! Next thing was majlis bersalam-salaman dan bermaaf-maafan. There were only 12 students in my class so it was abit quiet today. Not like any other normal days where their behaviour are beyond control. Dunnolah..

After "beramah-mesra", I went to the class next door. My colleague, L, invited me to join her celebration. She brought spagheti. Yummy! We ended up talking alot, drinking and eating sampai one of my colleagues' messages pun aku inda terbaca. I read M's msg an hour later ahahahah she told me that HN invited us to come to her classroom. So me, L, F, O and N went together since all of us were at L's class.

At 10.00 am we went to the hall. Ada makan2 lagi la.. This is only for teachers. Since all the students have had their celebration in their respectives classroom. I was half full, but didn't want to miss the opportunity to eat again. buleh ambuyat kali ah!! sia-sia pun. Anyway.. now I have free periods till school ends. Feel very sleepy and full. Its almost 12.00 noon.. Sampat lagi aku tapau the desserts untuk bawa balik.. ahahhaha nada mau buang peluang kali ah.

So today dunno apa plan. Last night decided to watch movies with hubby. But inda jadi, so we ended up window shopping saja. Kes buang boring. Oklah kan packing lagi. Its almost time to go home. Ill blog again next time kay.. au revoir

Saturday, October 28, 2006

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Copy and Paste from my blog in Friendster..

Posted on 24/10/2006

1st all of wanna take this opportunity to greet all the muslims and muslimah in Brunei and around the world.. Selamat Eid Mubarak.. Maaf Zahir & Batin..

Ok well, before I continue to blog about 1st raya celebration, lemme tell ya what hapenned a few days before raya.. last day of school was on the 19th of october.. we had like 4 days to prepare for hari raya eheheh but as usual and it always happen almost every year.. we always prepare until the last minute.. stayed up late till 1 am.. sampai tarus bersahur wa.. kes malas lagi kan bangun at 3am..

on the 21st october, me and my -est babelicious went sungkai out at SH. It was a ladies night. So instead of going with my hubby, I went alone as a single slash married woman eheheheh its the first time ever we did not sungkai together so i guess we always sungkai together eheheh my hubby sent me off.. M, N and T were already there.. sat down for awhile kes kan manaskan sofa yg nyaman atu eheheh then we checked in our seat.. settled down.. then bersedia mengaut makanan.. salnya berimalas kali ah beratur lama2 atu.. well its 20 minutes before sungkai.. i thought it would if we started to kaut makanan.. the food was delicious especially the desserts.. that chocolate roll thingy.. chocolate cheese cake.. chocolate cake.. *slurp*slurp* sia-siapun.. oh yeah all of us were there except Z and K..

waktu sungkai atu.. inda banyak ceta mebe coz lapar wa.. but after we're done eating.. we started getting wild and crazy.. mebe its the chocolate!! ahahah just kid!!! kami crazy ambil gambar wa.. jarang berjumpa.. now berjumpa.. mana leh buang peluang kan gambar.. pebaik tah berasak-asak janji ada mua tu masuk lam gambar ahahhaha it was one of the best time.. lub ya babes!!

it was two days before raya, before they announced if the babymoon nampak atau inda.. and we still havent prepare anything yet.. baru panyap2 dua dikit.. then malam hari raya, brought my family sungkai di iLotus.. oh man.. the food was scrumptious, delicious.. fifteen minutes before sungkai we started to kaut makanan.. alot of people were still outside of the restaurant.. because all the appetizers and desserts were there.. the main course located inside of the restaurant.. so we were the first one yg ambil makanan.. nasib lah.. nda jua buring menunggu giliran.. the place was crowded.. but i didnt care coz the food nyaman!!!! my hubby's sis, A, yg introduce to berbuka puasa at that place ehehe 1st time kali ah.. malar pulang dilintasi tu restoran iLotus ah gnya inda menyinggah.. ehehhe sudah kanyang.. balik rmh.. sambung lagi buat preparation.. ahahahah esoknya raya kali ahhh.. baru tah kan masang cucul.. melantak sana melantak sini.. nasib jua segala cawan2 udah bercuci awal2 aahhaha

1st day of raya, woke up late as usual.. extremely exhausted.. got into the shower.. iron my baju raya and hubby's.. got my make up on.. getting my hubby to dress hahahaha pasang sinjangnya lahh.. bersalam ngan hubby.. minta ampun dan maaf darinya.. eeee cayang my hubby eh.. went downstairs.. berziarah with mum and dad.. then went to grandparents house next door.. melepak disana becos most of my cousins, aunties and uncles were there.. crowded bah tarus rumah yg kecil itu..

then at noon, me, hubby and family went to Lambak to visit and berhari raya at my in-law's.. after that beraya at my dad's family.. di Pulaie, Lambak Kiri, Burung Pingai.. dah tu balik ke tutong.. udah di tutong.. beraya lagi tu arah rmh grandpa's brother.. kira pangkat nini lah tu ahahhaha apakanzz.. i was started to feel very sleepy and tired.. datang tia penyakit mengusut and merungut.. eheheh sian my hubby.. lub ya honey.. ia damam wa.. sori ah lau ceta ku ani inda betantu ahahahahha

bah panjang kali udah ceta ku ani.. after we got home last night.. chatted with my lil bro yg masa ani berada di uk.. using skype program.. kunun kan buat video conference + telephoning.. kalinya webcam saja yg ada and working.. headphones + microphone inda ada.. laaaa mun tau ia kan berchatting sambil berkomunikasi melalui headphones.. i would have bring my headphone.. ehehe next time ja ahhhh so last night ia chatted with mum.. mua saja nampak ahah tapi inda dpt becakap.. so paksa tah main betaip ja..

oklah.. today is the 2nd day of raya.. expecting people to visit today.. especially my bro and sis in law yg alum tah datang ani ehehehe wanna meet my niece yg melateng atu.. eheheheh ok peeps.. take care.. berhati-hati d jalan raya.. berhari raya jua tapi keselamatan harus di utamakan jua ok.. jgn lupa memakai tali pinggang keledar.. au revoir..

Posted on 15/10/2006


Apa kabar sumer? hek ellehh.. apa kes plak nak tanya2 kabar org nih? ehehhe well anyway just dropping by.. first of all.. wanna say happy 24th birthday to my dearest closest fren.. Mozzyreen.. ~~ Happy bday 2u.. hapi bday 2u.. hp 24th bday 2 muj.. hp bday 2u ~~ wawawawa mikin shortform ani wah..

oh well.. muj and I shared the same birth-month.. aku dulu yg lahir.. then 2 years and 12 days later.. lahir tia dang muj.. nda jaa wawawaw aku masa atu pandai dah berjalan.. pandai dah bercakap.. pandai dah menari.. c dang muj still kai pampers.. uwaaa uwaa nangis sana sini.. hahahah jgn mare dang..

anyway.. just wanna share a few things of what happened the past few days.. celebrated my bday with my hubby by having a sungkai buffet together at RBC.. got a few surprises from him.. one of the special gifts was Lilies.. my fave flower.. and its white.. loved it.. masih g bernyawa.. ehehe guess really took care of it.. sentimental value kali ahh nda jua mau liat ia mati cematu jaa.. got present from kath.. a pillow with my name on it.. yep she knitted beads on it.. she took it like 3-4 days to finish it.. that took alot of willingness, sincerity and lots of love ehehhe thanks kath.. love yaa lots..

on the 10th, me and the -est babelicious went sungkai out at Rizqun.. oh it was the best place to be.. great food.. good environment.. all of us were there.. me, hubby, muj n sis, amal, jane, tayat n teman, ant n teman.. except zah, ommy and kath.. apparently ommy misinterpret my sms last tym.. she tot one of her frens yg invite ia sungkai.. didint realise it was sungkai out for the -est babes.. ehehhe sorry dear..

this 21st.. the girls decided to sungkai out again.. not gonna miss it.. ;) sekali sekala beramah mesra.. been busy wif work.. didnt have a quality tym to spend tym together like we used to be.. ehehhe biasakler kite org kan dah keje.. ehehhehe we understand plg tu ehehe anyway -est babes.. u guys wrok my world.. wawawawa oh yea b4 i fogot.. thanks for the pressie... loved them loved them loved them soo so so much.. hugs hugs.. mwah mwah...

my latest obsessions.. listening to the song by Edwin McCain - I'll Be, Chantal Kreviazuk - Feels Like Home, Hilary Duff - Someone's Watching Over Me and CT - Bila Harus Memilih.. crazy about these songs at the moment.. as you guys ca listen to when you open my profile in fwenster.. edwin mccain x ahhh bole.. been downloading lots and lots of song lately.. guess wanna update my iTunes songs list and my iPod.. very addicted to it... eheh ever since wireless connection at my school is working.. everyday bawa laptop ehehe bukan apa.. kan
download lagu wah wawaawawa menyalahgunakan sekali sekala wa.. kweng3..

Ive just finished watching Lost Season 2 ehehhe malas meliat dr astro.. been waiting for the dvd to come out.. I loved how the story goes.. alot of suspense.. alot of surprises.. alot of riddles.. puzzle berabiss.. now craving plg kan liat Season 3.. wawawwa tak sabo nyee.... mikin siuk wah every episod ah.. wawawaw addicted to it.. currently im watching Princess Hour aka Goong.. wa sukanya aku.. i bought the vcd frm KL.. crazy jua about korean drama series.. a few of my best korean drama collections are Winter Sonata, Stairway To Heaven and First Love..

Edwin McCain - I'll be [ddc8td to my beloved hubby, lub ya loads]
The strands in your eyes that color them wonderful Stop me and steal my breath And emeralds from mountains thrust towards the skyNever revealing their depth Tell me that we belong together Dress it up with the trappings of love I'll be captivated, I'll hang from your lipsInstead of the gallows of heartache that hang from aboveChorus:I'll Be your cryin' shoulder I'll Be loves suicide I'll Be better when I'm olderI'll Be the greatest fan of your lifeAnd rain falls angry on the tin roofAs we lie awake in my bedYou're My Survival, You're My Living ProofMy love is alive and not deadTell me that we belong togetherDress it up with the trappings of loveI'll be captivated, I'll hang from your lipsInstead of the gallows of heartache that hang from aboveChorusAnd I've dropped out, I've burned up, I fought my way back from the deadTuned in, turned on, remembered the things that you saidChorusThe greatest fan of your life.

\\ really <3 this song //

okay peeps.. i guess that wud be all.. il blog again some other tym if not that lazy.. wawakakakka take care.. au revoir..


Posted on 09/10/2006


I guess its been awhile.. Im not neglecting this blog.. its just that I have been ranting alot in my other blog.. Im sure you all already know about it.. not really sure you've been browsing thru but its ok..

wow! its been raining since the past two days.. with heavy winds.. pretty scary to be out there at this time.. just have to wait till the worse weather is over.. so my advice to all of you.. if you're driving at a bad weather.. be careful aight.. there has been alot of car accidents lately.. this morning wehn I was on my way to work.. I was a few miles away from my stop.. all of the sudden I saw a traffic jam ahead of me.. so my guess was accident.. yep.. 2 salon cars involve.. dunno how it happened.. but it happened exactly at the u-turn at Kg Bkt Panggal.. I was already late.. although wasn't really worried that much.. but the traffic made me late even more.. which I hate.. I dun like being late and all.. but somehow I will do the same habit all over again..

Today is the 16 of Ramadan.. Hari raya is a few weeks away.. Haven't prepare anything yet.. My sister is in uk at the moment.. so this is the 2nd time she won't be hari raya-ing with the whole family.. together with my other two lil brothers.. anyway I missed making "Popia" cause usually I did it with my sis.. and now she is not in brunei.. got no friends to roll the popia with.. eheheh well sis perhaps we can do it next hari raya then.. its been so quiet lately.. especially when Im staying at my family's house.. there are my dad, my mum and my lil bro.. kesian.. masa ani me and my hubby have to bagi2 masa.. 1 week here and 1 week there.. ehehe its kinda fun.. having to pack and upack every weeks.. but Im already used to it..

Work sux as usual.. not that Im complaining but its the truth.. there is one person who really bugs me all the time.. hahahah yep.. anyway.. two and half months till the year 2007.. time flies away so fast without us realising it.. work troubles really burdened me.. too much work to be done at too lil time.. stress.. mental breakdown.. tension.. I really need a vacation..
I want to go to the SPA.. the first time I ever went for a SPA was with my mum and my sis.. we were so bangang what to do.. being naked and all was so not what I imagined it wud be.. although having some strangers saw you naked.. that wasnt so bad anyway.. shy at first but hey I've got the best time ever.. never realise how SPA can really make your trouble melts away.. Its very relaxing.. the environment was amazing.. Honestly I fell asleep during the massage.. The word SPA actually comes from the Latin phrase "Sanus per aquam".. in english "health through water".. cool isn't it.. anyway Im definitely gonna indulge myself again at the SPA.. wanna join? *grin*

Oh well.. anyway.. guys.. this hari raya.. dont forget to "langgar" at my house.. I have 2 homes now.. House in tutong at my beloved family.. and house in lambak at my hubby's parents.. haven't got my own crib yet.. but dunno sooner or later we might wanna live by ourselves.. but in the mean time.. its nice to live with a family.. you don't feel lonely.. eheheh but time will change.. anyway.. anyone yg kan dtg nanti.. msg2 saja.. text me earlier so that I can inform you guys whether Im at Tutong or Lambak..

Ok take care peeps.. thanks for spending your wasted time reading my post.. Selamat berpuasa.. selamat bersungkai.. Have a nice day.. Au Revoir..

xoxo ][beebeh][24][