Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Assalamualaikum wbt

A few updates.. been neglecting much.. busy and very busy..

Well, first of all on the 21st August, I've been admitted to RIPAS after having my appointment with the doctor. Seems like my BP was slightly high. Took 4 BP test for every one hour before the doc decided to put me in the hospital. I was a bit worried and that's why my BP weren't decreasing. Guess I thought about it too much and worried. So spent my days at the hospital. The bed was not good, too thin and made my body aches because had to sleep on a steel bed. I was bored the whole week I've been in the hospital. The only visitors I received was only my family and his. And Hubby had been so great. He took care of me. He even cooked for me and brought the food to the hospital. During working hours, he came early in the morning to bring me some food. Then he came again at noon. And spent most of his time after work at the hospital, just to accompany me. He brought DVDs for me to watch just to kill time. Brought me magazines. Comforted me. And when it was time for him to go home, I would feel very sad seeing him took off. Waved at him with my gloomy face. Cried whenever we were on the phone. Felt sad when he had to do housework by himself, slept alone, did the laundry, cooked, spent the rest of the night at home alone. Made me cried. Kesian Hubby. Yang kesian lagi aku. I missed home oh so badly. Missed my bed, my pillow, my TV, my Hubby. Everyday I prayed that I could leave. But no! I've spent a week at the hospital. Went nuts! Then on the 27th August, doctor told me something I wanted to hear, something I've been waiting for. I could go home. I was super excited. Called hubby to pick me at noon. Packed my stuffs, took a shower. I was smiling the whole time.

Oh well, a lil info, me and the baby sihat wal'afiat. Now its coming 9 months. So another few more weeks to go before the birth of my first baby. Scared? Yeah. Ready? Insyallah. Been having lots of dreams about me giving birth lately. Hope for the best and pray the baby will be healthy, sempurna and everything will be selamat, Insyallah. I did my scan and I know the gender of the baby. But I'm not gonna tell. Just wait and see. Doakan semoga murah beranak. Amin!

After I got out of the hospital, doc gave me 3 days off. Yahoo. Another freedom for me. Doc asked me to get some rest. Not to think about work. So just started working on Saturday.

During my boring week at the hospital, I missed having to celebrate my dad's birthday which happened to be on the 25th. I was at the hospital, lying on the bed. Eating my "LOW SALT" lunch and dinner meal. My family were having dinner at Nyonya. I was so jealous. Mum text me, asking what I want to eat that night, she wanted to "tapau" for me. Oh so sweet.

I'm actually tired. My back hurt. My feet hurt. My ankle hurt. My body aches. Couldn't get a good sleep at night. Baby moved actively. I'm sure gonna missed being pregnant. The experienced was wonderful. Seeing your belly getting bigger everyday, every week and every month. Seeing your belly rocking. Seeing the movement of the baby from the outside.

Okay need to rest. Have ultrasound appointment tomorrow at RIPAS.