Friday, March 06, 2009



Here I've upload some photos taken yesterday and the day before. I took this photo before the children left the school and while they were in the bus..

This photo taken the night before that. I went to the stadium with hubby and son. We watched a football match that night. Heheheh my son was having a lot of fun cheering and clapping.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

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I've been tagged by Mummy Hanan. All you need to do:

1. You have to point out 5 romantic movies that you would love to share with your loved ones.

2. It doesn't have to be in order. As long as you love these movies, it will be fine.

3. You have to tag 5 other persons to answer this tag.

Shoutout to all bloggers if you're interested. Especially Katherine, Roslina, Wani, Farah, Moza, Kel..

As promised


As I had promised earlier. These are the photos taken during my night out with my baby darling at Fleur-de-lys. Then photos taken when we had breakfast at Country Patch right after hubby sent me off to Tutong. Hehehe and I escaped and heading to Kiulap instead.

At Fleur-de-lys

At Country Patch

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Jadi or not


It's 30 minutes to 7pm.. I'm still here. Early plan was to go to the book fair at the indoor stadium. Asked the maid to get ready, showered the baby, packed stuffs. But then, baby fell asleep after showering. He must've been tired as he stayed awake since the he woke up at half past eleven earlier. And now he's sleeping. Jadi kesian jua kan di tinggalkan. We decided to wait for him to wake up. I took the time as usual, dating with my computer while hubby's out there, washing his motorcycle. I'm still wondering if we're still gonna go later or not. Heheheh so.. let's hope and see..

Sunday, March 01, 2009

My night out with the darling


Last night I went out with the hubby. It was already around 7pm. We decided to go to The Mall but the traffic was hectic. The road jammed. People were heading towards Gadong. Malam minggu kan and people wanted to go shopping. So we turned around and headed to Kiulap Mall instead. Nothing much to do at Kiulap Mall. Without any plans ahead, we decided to hang out at Fleur-de-lys. I ordered the sweet, mouth-watering, chocolatey, irresistible Choc Fudge Cake, and the hubby as usual, his favourite deliciously Blueberry Cheesecake. Yummilicious. I snapped few pictures but I didn't get the chance to upload it now. Technical problems.

From kiulap, we headed to Bandar.. round2.. There was a charity bazaar right in front of the Royal Regalia Muzium. I decided to stop by but then it's not opened yet, I think and there weren't many stalls. Perhaps might be going later. Liat2 saja bah. Then we did a little activity of our own.. created by the ESTs.. We went snooping instead. I insisted actually so hubby got along. And I was super excited cause we've snooped about 4 last night. Break my 1st record of snooping hahahahahah yayness..

Then we headed home and my son was already asleep. I didn't bring him along with me cause he's tired and already showered..

Today, I woke up early. I had to go to Tutong to attend the walkathon. I slept late last night so I was abit grumpy had to wake up at 6am. My fault actually. Couldn't resist watching tv. Hubby sent me off to Tutong, but I only had to go there to sign up. Asked hubby to wait for a while. Ran into GB and Cg A, Cg Z, Cg M. I talked to Cg A for awhile then I went downstairs and into the car and drove away. Hehehe I know~!! Naughty me.. hehehehe

Next we went to Country Patch to have our american breakfast. Kath's recommended. And it was nice. Loved the warm, cozy, country-style place with the country musics playing on. Hubby ordered hard boiled egg, baked beans, some toast and chicken sausages. I ordered scramble egg, pancakes, chicken sausages and baked beans and the meal includes coffee or tea. Hubby also ordered side dish.. an Omelet, filled with onion, mushroom, bacon, ham, cheese.. Yummy!!! and we only spent about $14.00. I did take photos. Yet again, I will upload it later.

So now I'm home. Just finished doing my lesson plan, c/w and h/w for my Ss. And I'm ready for work tomorrow hehehehe k take care peeps..