Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Appointment

Love this song..

Artis: Anuar Zain
Lirik Lagu: Perpisahan

Ku mengerti perpisahan ini
Bukan kerana kau membenci
Tapi kasih yang pernah kuberi
Tiada lagi bersama

Seringkala aku terlihatkan mu
Impian nan indah
Bersulam bahagia

Ku harungi hari demi hari
Bersama wajah tak mungkin akan kembali
Tapi hati masih tak terima
Ditinggalkan sengsara

Keraguan ini bukanlah padamu
Perasaan hati masih rindu
Kekalutan ini hanyalah untukku
Tercari-cari bayanganmu
Tak sanggup aku kehilangan

Kasih tercari-cari

Keraguan ini bukanlah padamu
Masih tercari-cari bayanganmu
Tak sanggup aku kehilanganmu

Soundtrack from the movie CINTA, one of the best Malaysian Love/Romance movies ever. Made me cry everytime I watch this movie.

So I went to my ultrasound appointment today. Hubby was with me. I guess he was so excited about this baby. He always accompanies me everytime I have an appointment. Thanks baby for always being there. He asked permission from his "Tuan". So sweet. We walked late coz my appointment was at 8am. I didn't go to school, jauh bah. I couldn't wait longer. I woke up at 6am.. Felt anxious about my appointment, tried to go back to sleep but couldn't hehehe too excited.

Arrived at the Sg Hanching clinic a few minutes before 8am. Took a number, got number 12th, wah I guess ramai tah sudah yang dtg tu. Waited for almost an hour. When my turn came up.. baca doa dlm hati. Praying everything will be fine. Syukur alhamdulillah the baby's in a very good condition. First thing I saw was the head. Eeee kiutnya.. bulat!!! I was super duper excited and very very happy. I saw the head, then the hands, the body and lastly the legs. Alhamdulillah Syukur kepada Allah. I couldn't explain my feelings when I saw the baby's head. Sedih pun ada, sedih pasal gembira. The doctor couldn't identify the baby's sex. I was abit upset about it. Baby tu tapuk wah! Hehehe and also masa doc moved around the thingy yg ia put on my belly, ngam masa atu I saw the baby was kicking wah.. hahahaha kiutnya.. I can't believe there's a life human baby living, moving, breathing inside of me. Its a miracle. Itulah kebesaran Allah memberi keistimewaan kepada seorang wanita utk merasai keindahan sewaktu mengandung. Too bad nda dpt minta print kan the scan. Insyallah I'll plan to go to a private clinic to have another scan on the baby and get the print of the baby. And figure out the sex of the baby. Untuk kenangan. Makin hari makin sayang. Makin hari makin kuat ia main tendang2. Its been almost 2 weeks since the first time the baby kicked. Even when I sit pun I can feel the baby moves and kicks. Nakal eh.

Syukur alhamdulillah. Semoga semuanya selamat. Doa2 kan kesihatan me and my baby.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007



Tired, preparing for the launching of eXplomaths at SMRIPAS. SMRIPAS and our school are the host for the event. Our school represent all the primary schools in brunei. Today was our 2nd day preparing our booth for the pameran teaching aids and posters.

I'm actually pissed at some guy. Well because he is so irresponsible being a leader for the drawing poster competition since I am one of the committee under the posters. Im pissed at him coz everything we have something to ask about the posters, what should we do next, made all the labels and all, he seems to have no clue at all.. A few days ago gb was asking about the prizes for the winners of drawing posters. She was asking us.. the committee.. We were so clueless. So we asked 'the leader', all he said was "antah ah nda ku tau, cuba tah kau tanyakan arah GB' and everytime we ask things that have something to do with the posters, yes he will give us the same answer. As if he doesnt know his job, and as a leader he is very bad at it. So I didnt talk to him yesterday and today. Hated him.

So I just finished making the label to put on the green board tomorrow. My own coloured papers, my own laminating film. Not that Im kata2..

Oh well, it feels good to let it out. Jarih dah my hubby mendengar keluhan hati me. Dont want to get myself worry too much over the stupid thing. Better think of my baby and my kesihatan lagi baik. Cian my baby.. ehehehhe okaylah want to rest.. till next time..

B, thanks for sudi mendengar keluhan sayang ehehe I love you unconditionally..